7 Ways Facebook Brings The Magic Back In 2013

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Facebook is introducing new features and releases in the privacy settings which are made provided with shortcuts. Few more changes can be found in the requests and removal tool as well. By new features, user is no longer required to follow the map for changes in privacy settings and account pages, the pages with more sensitive information regarding the user.


Facebook is known as a giant industry in social networking and it has all personal data of its users but it allows users to manage their account settings in the way that details of user can be achieved restricted through the access of other users or unwanted persons, like detail can be shared with different options and such settings can be applied on the personal details as well.

New in 2013:

For privacy settings, Facebook has introduced a new tool with all privacy shortcuts at settings page. With other social site competition, Facebook has developed a level way to share private details. There is a simple way through which any user can make its details hidden and manage its viewing settings too.

Privacy Control and shortcuts are provided at bar with Home:

New changes and feature can be easily found at above bar, with Home, on the left side of the notification bar. Here a new icon is provided with new features which include shortcuts to privacy settings.

Manage the settings is much easier than before:

Anyone can manage the settings like he can manage the viewing settings of his stuff by clicking on, who can see my stuff. Other changes can be made here also to restrict the profile for the access of unwanted persons and even they cannot find you on this social site. This feature is provided as by setting who can contact me? Although, there was already same feature for the individuals through which specific people were blocked but this feature is in the public or the persons who are not added by you. If users want to stop someone from bothering, details can be found in, How do I stop someone from bothering.

Permission will be inquired for App:

All applications will ask permission before accessing to the personal detail of the user. One more is feature is introduced which allows users to allow or deny the posts of application being posted on his wall. It means, a user will be able to access the application by allowing applications to use his personal details but he will be able to stop the posts by application. Permission can be given on first request but post requests can be denied.

Request and Removal Tool:

This tool is also a new release. Through this application, actions can be taken regarding the photos which are tagged with the user. It can be found as Request and Removal Tool. This tool was introduced by the end of 2012 and multiple pictures can be used through this tool. Through this application user can ask the friend to take the picture back, which are not liked.

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  1. I always believe that any information you put in a computer connected to the internet can be available to anyone. If you value your personal life, then you should be very careful, because no one is safe in the internet. Companies such Facebook or Google has a lot of valuable information for a big percentage of the world population, whatever the ‘privacy’ they pretend to protect. They are business, and that’s their only objective.

  2. This is a good news to facebook users like me. Privacy settings in facebook is always the issue since anybody got the chance to see each and everybody’s personal information. I am pretty sure that facebook users like me would be very happy about the new tool in facebook which is the request and removal tool. Facebook is really great and very user friendly. And it does make everybody in that social networking service very comfortable and happy. Thank you for the information!

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