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Common iPhone Hacks Users Want to Know

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Many people believe that the iPhone already contains everything that you could possibly imagine. But there are also some people who beg to differ. Actually, the iPhone doesn’t have everything. While it is true that it is much more advanced compared to its contemporaries and it sure has a wide array of features to offer, there are still a few things that it lacks.


There are a few apps that some people find essential that are not available on the iPhone. This is why some people want to know more about iPhone hacks and tricks they can do to cheat the iPhone and be able to add extra features that they want. Here are some of them:

Push Gmail

Nowadays, more and more people are using Gmail as their email host. Gmail offers a variety of features that are unavailable to many other email hosting websites. Fortunately, the new iPhone OS 3.0 offers Push notifications that you can use. But on the downside, it does not include Gmail. While the true Push Gmail for the iPhone app is yet to exist, you can hack this application to make it available for your iPhone. Go to the iTunes app store and download Prowl – Growl Client. While it may be different from Push, it serves one function – to give you notifications with whatever you want to be notified with.

Synching iPhone to Various Computers

The one annoying thing with Apple gadgets is that it only allows you to sync your gadgets with one computer at a given time. When you attempt to sync your Apple gadgets to another computer, it will erase all contents in your phone and you will have to reinstall all of it again. You can switch Library Persistent ID to trick iTunes to not sync your iPhone and other Apple gadgets to multiple computers without having to delete all the contents in your phone.

Quick Movement of Apps

 Another of the iPhone hacks that many people are interested in knowing is moving apps from one page to another. With the average iPhone user actually having about 6 pages dedicated for all apps, it can be a pain to drag an app from the last page to the first page and may even require several tries. But moving apps should actually be very easy. All apps are easily movable with just one trick. Simply place the app or apps you want to move to the silver dock located at the lower side of the apps page. Then, scroll to the page you want the app be placed and drag it there. Don’t forget to put the original apps on that silver dock back once you are done moving apps.

Disable Auto-Correct and Auto-Capital

 This is a very easy hack but definitely important for people who use a different language than English or other languages available on the iPhone. Just go to settings, click on General, and then go to the Keyboard option. From there, you can turn on or off the auto-correct as well as auto-capital functions of the iPhone.

These are just a few of the most common iPhone hacks that people are interested in knowing to make their use of the iPhone easier and more convenient.

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