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Fitness and Diet Apps for iPhone or iPad

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Losing weight means two things: increasing exercise and decreasing calories. This seemingly simple mantra is much harder when we put it into practice. If you’re one of the 50-plus percent of Americans who say they want to lose weight, you’re in luck. Now, finding fitness tools is easier than ever thanks to the ever-evolving world of fitness and weight loss apps for your iPhone or iPad. Sifting through the seemingly endless list of health and wellness apps in the app store can be overwhelming, so here is a description of three of the most popular apps:

Lose It!

Lost It! is a handy food intake and exercise tracker that lets you choose your diet, track your carbohydrate and protein levels, find an ideal calorie allowance for your body type and set realistic goals that you can work toward and maintain. Lose It! can be used to set personal goals and even share your goals publicly on Facebook and Twitter if you’re so bold. Get friends and family in on your weight loss and fitness goals to build a support group and help stay on track.


iFitness is a well-reviewed, comprehensive fitness app that can follow you to the gym and teach you how to work out, skipping the personal trainer. With iFitness, you’ll gain access to over 450 exercises to use at the gym and over 100 exercises you can do from home without any equipment.

Choose your fitness level, use an existing workout or create your own by using the easy-to-use interface that separates exercises based on body or muscle categories. Simply choose the area of your body that you want to work (abs, biceps, back, hips, etc.) and iFitness will produce a list of exercises with descriptions to help you get the body you want. The app features images, audio instructions and video of each exercise to help you safely and efficiently work through a routine. You can also calculate your BMI, find your ideal BMI and weight, and log your exercises to track progress as you go.

Pedometer PRO GPS+

This program turns your phone into the perfect pedometer. With a GPS to track your movements (and location, if you tend to get lost as often as I do), you can track steps, distance, speed, calories and even check the weather that will affect your path. Since the Pedometer PRO GPS+ only tracks exercise, you’re on your own to keep track of your food intake. You may need calorie controlled meals prepared by weightloss specialist services, like Nutrisystem and Medifast, to compliment this App.

The Pedometer PRO GPS+ is the best fitness app for people that love to be outside and people who don’t like to spend time in a gym. You can set goals for yourself and track them through the app. Whether your goals are to hike 10 miles each weekend or just walk around the block at lunchtime, every step counts with Pedometer PRO GPS+.

11 thoughts on “Fitness and Diet Apps for iPhone or iPad

  1. Wow!!! These are certainly few amazing iphone apps, I think “iFitness” would best for everyone as you can find essential exercises which can be easily performed at home. Means time saving and money saving as well.

  2. These are some interesting iphone fitness and diet apps. Now, I think people can’t make excuses that it is difficult for them to follow their diet plans.

  3. Great tips Roberto. I use myfitnesspal.com. It’s a very good app for iPhones, Android, Blackberry or Windows Phones. I use it on my iPhone and it’s very simple and helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. These application are great for people who lack motivation or who are really busy. I is really nice to have a “personal trainer” that comes at a small price and is available at any time of the day.

  5. Nice apps we have here. While these apps can be helpful for people, when laziness strikes, these are useless.
    Thanks for the cool apps Roberto .I actually use the iFitness app.

  6. Well, these applications are interesting, but I’m not sure that they are much effective and helpful for the person who would like to loose some weight

  7. interesting post, these apps would help those (most of us) who dont have time to fit exercise in, sounds like they could have their own personal trainer at a more affordable price too, hmmmm, youve got me intesested now! cheers mate

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