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BingAgain : Bing Plus Facebook

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BingAgain is a search engine based on Bing very recently  ranking search results according to their popularity on Facebook.

The results of BingAgain are from organic search algorithm Bing and recommendation of the members of Facebook, Making it a kind of social search engine. The results are those of Bing but they highlight the number of shares on each link on Facebook. Feel free to not confine you to systematically first results of a query but to explore what has been successful on the first of social networks. Searches can be made on the web but also on current events, videos or images in a single page. The concept is interesting. Give a try.

Link – BingAgain

Technorati Claim Token – W2FH3KZ7FACB

13 thoughts on “BingAgain : Bing Plus Facebook

  1. Sounds really great! Why didn’t Google get this idea?

    1. google and facebook are rival’s.

  2. It is really interesting, especially the video and image search result.

  3. This year I will try to use Bing as my social search engine tool. I am excited to what Bing and Facebook has to offered this year.

  4. Very exciting – love Bing and thought Bing Again was very fresh and interesting!

  5. Bingagain has a fresh concept of search engine…it being in Beta is quite good hope to see it’s final one soon..thanks for sharing this Search Engine..

  6. Great share. Thanks for this.

    Will check this out and may be review it.

  7. Bing Again seems a very good tool for searching progress over social networks. Thanks for sharing this Information

  8. Seems to be very interesting… 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. never use bing till deta and didn’t think that i’m going to leave google

    1. you can give a try to bing again as it is on a very new an interesting concept..

  10. Thanks for the review friends for bingagain

    We at bingagain want to incorporate feedbacks and give you the best that we can.

  11. What an awesome service, thanks for this; i’m going to use it to find out where i rank on certain terms, social wise 😀

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