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3 Quality Methods for Gaining Your Potential Customers without SEO

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What if I say you do not need Google for increasing your search engine rankings? Shocked? But yes this is true and there are plenty of other ways of getting your potential visitors to your website than using Google. In this blog we will discuss about some creative ways in which you can get high quality traffic to your blog.


Google is not the only way to get traffic online. If you have a creative mind you can always think of a better idea over the best idea. You can design your own methods and can find something really creative to beat the best. Always remember that if you really want to make a strong position of your online business, do not depend only on the search engines. Mostly people do not try to perform something new but they make themselves completely dependent on Search Engines.

Every now and then these search engines change their algorithms for providing better search engine results to their users. Unfortunately these search engines do not guarantee rankings for any particular website. Sometimes a site get penalized because of no valid reason and once your website falls down it take years to rebuild the same image but still you cannot reach the same point.

This is the major reason why one should spend some time in finding out the new ways of improving the search engine rankings instead of relying on search engines only. So here are three useful ways that will help you in getting your potential audience without making use of these search engines.

Create a competitive Slideshare presentation

SEO executives must be aware of this thing that Slideshare is a Web based slide hosting services where you can upload your PowerPoint presentation, PDF, Open Document Presentations, and submitting your PowerPoint Presentations to their servers help you a lot in increasing your search engine rankings. Once you upload your presentation file to their server it will become visible to everyone unless until you make it personal.

Make a creative YouTube Video

YouTube is the most popular video sharing website where you can find any type of video and can upload any kind of video in order to rank your website high. You do not have to worry because creating a video about your products and services and promoting them is not very difficult. Somehow it is a bit difficult but not impossible. You can create your own video in few simple steps. Please have a look:

  • You need a Microsoft Office Add-in
  • It will help to save your files as images and PDF as well
  • Open your presentation and click save as to save it
  • From the dropdown menu save it as JPEG file
  • Once you save the file, all your slides will be converted into images
  • Now open Windows Movie maker and add your saved file into it.
  • Customize it accordingly and add some narration if you can
  • Save it as a video file and upload it on YouTube.

Make Use of Google Alert

Google Alert is a very powerful tool for analyzing what all is happening in your niche market. This will make you reach your target customers easily. With the help of this Google alert you can even track what your competitors are up to. Simply, you can set an alert for any topic you are interested in. If you are interested in Affiliate Marketing, you can set an alert for this particular keyword.

This means that whenever there will be any kind of content on the web you will get an immediate alert for the topic you have set. You can even set a Google alert with a product name.

Always remember that the primary aim is to attract your targeted visitors to increase your traffic. Once your traffic increases, automatically your search engine rankings will increase.

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