Earn Money by Listening Music

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Audimated is a service basically allows you to earn money for listening at the same time sharing all types of music by emerging bands and groups as well as for amateur singers who wish to obtain a benefit in exchange for his musical work.

For ordinary users can surf on the platform for each of the videos, listen to the radio station, playing new internal excitations in the general catalog of all the activities available, obtaining money by performing and promoting favorite artists from a system of profit will be implemented.

The singers and the users who generate the material available, these remain the property rights and can sell each piece directly to users who hear and those who need to increase your musical material with videos and smaller productions.

To enter the platform can only be recorded as fans or as singers, will be a registration quick and easy to conclude that eventually will provide access to the system and all its functions.

A new challenge, a new business model …

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  1. Any idea regarding how much they charge and when can we withdraw the cash… as in are there any restrictions on cash withdrawl as well??

  2. This is kind of innovative service to me. Have you worked with them? Is it working?

  3. Seems intesresting will check this .

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