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5 Ways to Protect Your Cell Phone from Being Hacked

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Gone are the days when the only thing a phone could do was make calls. Today, phones are more like mini-computers that can be used to send e-mails, shop online, browse the Internet, schedule meetings and store pictures among other functions. These features have enhanced the experience of using cellphones.


However, the downside to these is that phones have become easier to hack. Information stored in a phone or shared with others may be at risk. Protecting cell phone data will ensure that hackers do not steal the information.

Individuals should keep their cell phones with them at all times

Store the phone in a purse, or case that can be attached to a belt. It is harder for people to get information stored in the phone if the owner is with it all the times.

Set the phone to require a password to unlock

The password should not be easy to figure out. Never share passwords. The user or anyone accessing the phone will be required to input the password before unlocking it, which will prevent any other person from accessing data stored in the phone.

Contact the service provider if there is reasonable proof to suspect hacking or if the phone has been stolen. This can save the owner charges run up by the thief. Users should turn off their phones if they suspect it has been hacked.

Keep Bluetooth turned off unless it is in immediate use

Leaving the Bluetooth enabled at all times makes it easier for thieves to gain access to information stored in the phone.

Download phone antivirus software and install it on the phone

Keep it updated at all times. To find out if an antivirus can be installed in a phone, check the phone’s manual or contact the service provider to find out if an antivirus can be installed on the phone. To get the added advantage of using a device that can be installed with an antivirus, individuals can shop for windows phones.

Reject all multimedia messages, files and text messages sent by unknown senders

This will protect against viruses and hackers. Remember that even opening some text or e-mail messages can automatically download a virus into the device.

There are various means of checking if a phone has been hacked.

• Contact the service provider and ask for a record of incoming and outgoing calls, data transfers and text messages. Alert a representative at the service provider in case of unusual activities.

• Search the phone number on the Internet. If a phone has been hacked, the number may be associated with an unfamiliar person or company. Contact the service provider in case the number is associated with someone else.

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  1. I think that really great tips for prevent my cell phone from being hacker. I hope anyone follow here fantastic tips then he will take protect from hacker. Thanks sharing tips.

  2. Yeah, too many people don’t think before they reflexively click an MMS attachment from an unknown source. And that’s just the start of it.

  3. thanks for a wonderful share these are some of the best tips to get your phone protected..one thing i have in my mind are third party applications are also a threat for cell phone…

  4. The last section of the post is the most important – most infections actually occur by accepting content from unknown senders.

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