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7 Tricks that Will Save Your iPhone

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We can’t deny that we will have problem with our iPhone from time to time. This article will help you to solve some common problems in your iPhone and save your iPhone from unwanted condition.


Here are 7 tricks that will save your iPhone:

My iPhone fell into water

Problem: You accidentally drop your iPhone into your bathtub.

Solution: Grab your phone immediately and put it in a room where there is enough temperature to dry your phone. Don’t do anything at this point. Just let your phone to dry in a room temperature. After one or two days, when it is completely dry, you can power up your iPhone. It should be fixed now.

My iPhone can’t be turned on

Problem: I’ve tried pushing the power button, but my iPhone seems not responding.

Solution: Try removing the battery from your phone and then reinsert the battery. This should fix the problem. Or, if it doesn’t, you can try charging your battery for at least 1 hour and try turning on your phone again.

I don’t find my apps after recent update

Problem: After updating your iPhone, your apps no longer exist.

Solution: You can try transferring your apps again from iTunes.

My iPhone crashed suddenly

Problem: You are enjoying your little iPhone game, while suddenly your phone crashes without apparent reason.

Solution: Recover your phone using recovery mode. To do this, switch your phone into DFU mode and connect it to your computer. Start iTunes and press and hold Home button and Power button in your phone for at least 10 seconds. Then, release the Power button while still holding the Home button. Your iTunes will then recognize your phone in recovery mode.

The touchscreen is not responding

Problem: I’m trying to open my favorite app, but my touchscreen seems not responding.

Solution: This particular situation can happen anytime, especially when your phone is too hot. To solve this, simply restart your phone and your touchscreen should be working again.

My iPhone keeps rebooting after an update

Problem: Once I’ve completed recent update for my phone, it keeps rebooting without reason.

Solution: This is a problem related to your SIM card. Try to remove your SIM card and re-insert your SIM card again. This should fix the problem.

My iPhone can’t connect to the internet

Problem: I’m trying to browse this website, but my iPhone won’t connect.

Solution: If you are using older OS, then you should update your OS to the newest one. If you’re already using newer OS, then try to reinsert your SIM card, disconnect and connect your connection in Settings.

Those tricks should be able to help you to solve your iPhone problem without going to a repair center. However, if the problem persists, it might be hardware-related. In this case, you should take your iPhone to a repair center.

3 thoughts on “7 Tricks that Will Save Your iPhone

  1. I updated my iphone because I couldn’t get any wifi. I think there might be a problem with it, since it still doesn’t work. I’ll call up verizon, and see if they could replace it. Thanks, though.

  2. I believe you would be better off if you didn’t drop your iPhone in the water in the first place. But it’s good to know what to do if it does happen.

  3. It’s sad that such things happen on a device that is so expensive. Luckily most of the things can be fixed easily.

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