How to Monitor your Childs Cell Phone and Internet Activity

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These days it’s the norm for children to have cell phones, Tablets and internet access. Whilst this has helped them to stay in touch with friends, it’s also led to many potential problems. One particular trend that is causing concern for parents around the world is ‘sexting’. Teenagers are sending nude pictures of themselves through their Smartphone. Not only is this a worry for your child’s privacy, but it’s also a potential legal problem too.


Did you know that if your child gets caught with a nude picture of another child in the US, they may be prosecuted? This would get marked on their criminal record and stay with them for the rest of their lives. The question is how can you monitor your child’s internet and cell phone activity when you aren’t with them?

Check out some Great apps to keep your children safe!

Text Guard- Phone Surveillance

There are many apps on the market that are designed to monitor your child’s cell phone activity. TextGuard is just one of them. You simply install this on your child’s phone and you can then log onto a website to monitor which calls your child makes and receives. You can also view text messages, their web browsing history and emails. If there’s any activity you don’t like, you can block certain numbers. So if you do detect anything suspicious, you can block your child’s contact with that person. You don’t need negative influence in your child’s life.

iWonder Surf- Internet Protection

Awesome app that is definitely worth looking into. This one helps you to monitor your child’s internet activity. You can see which sites they view, how often they view them and exactly what they are looking at. What else do you need from one tracking app?

My Mobile Watchdog- Most Popular

If previous apps are not a good fit for you should try one of the best apps (most popular) to help keep your child safe when you can’t be there is My Mobile Watchdog. You’ll need to install this app on your child’s phone. Once installed, you can see exactly what they do on their phones and when they do it. Not only that, but you can be notified of any suspicious calls that your child receives. If they receive a call from an unrecognized number, an alert can be sent to you, the police and teachers if you want. This is a great way to combat bullying. If your child is getting harassed by another child, teachers can easily be alerted if the calls don’t stop.

Spy Bubble- Covers All Your Needs

If you’re worried about your child’s safety while you’re not there then Spy Bubble is a fantastic app. It uses a GPS and cell tower triangulation to show where the cell phone user is at any given time. You are shown the location on a map via Google maps. Besides this you can also track Emails, SMS and everything else that you need to know about your kid’s whereabouts. This app comes with a $49,95 price tag. This will cover one year membership. The only thing to note with this is that everyone has to agree to it. This can be tricky as many children don’t want their parents to know exactly where they are!

And finally- the Conclusion

Thanks to these great apps, you can now start looking out for your child even when you aren’t with them. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry. In a world where there are so many threats to your child’s safety, it pays to be prepared.

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