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Feeding the Beast: How to Upgrade Your Gadgets Wisely

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Aside from having the uncontrollable tendency to check tech specs and look out for weird tech rumors every 30 minutes, one of the greatest sickness a gadget geek has to face in his lifetime is the impulse to upgrade his gadgets every once in a while. This may sound like a very simple thing to you but if you’re a gadget geek like me, you would know that this is the most disastrous impulse one could ever have. Two reasons: First, there are so many new gadgets in the tech world and second, there’s very little money and time to buy them all.

Upgrade Your Gadgets

I guess it’s because of the fact that the tech industry is changing so rapidly that gadget geeks are always scrambling around to get the latest and the best gadgets they can put their paws on. With the amount of new product releases and the vastness of electronics categories in the market, gadget geeks all over the world have succumbed to a mind-numbing cycle that has fueled the tech industry, keeping it alive. What is this cycle, you may ask? It’s the cycle of buying, upgrading and selling electronics.

So how do you ride this amazing electronic recycling cycle wisely? Well, first and foremost, you have to have a different perspective on gadgets than the normal consumer. Think of your device as an investment and not merely a tool. By doing this, you get a deeper understanding of how your gadgets work for you and how you can use your gadgets to their maximum value. Here are a few more thoughts that you may want to remember when upgrading your gadgets.

  • Before buying gadgets, make informed decisions by researching about the market and the devices you want. Do not just buy what you want; buy a device that you really think would work best for you.
  • Once you get a new gadget, make it a habit to buy protective accessories for it and make sure that every inch is covered to prevent nicks, scratches and dents that can decrease its reselling potential.
  • Make it a habit to sync and back up all of your files to your computer or cloud service. This will make changing gadgets easier to do.
  • Learn how to recycle your gadgets by having them refurbished. The thing about gadget refurbishment is that every bit of your old and used device is used wisely. For example, old iPhones that are sold to refurbishment companies, like Cash for iPhones, are usually repaired and taken down into individual parts to be used as parts for a new iPhone. These iPhones are then resold to other gadget geeks at a much more economical price.
  • Be a more environmentally friendly and economical gadget geek by buying refurbished devices yourself! These second-life gadgets are not only good for the environment, they will also allow you to enjoy new and better products without spending too much cash!

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