How to use Telecommunications to Improve Productivity

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Contemporary businesses should realize the amazing benefits of telecommunications and their potential to increase productivity. As well as offering an improved overall service to customers, your staff can be responsive and accessible no matter where they are.

Far from being a device to simply make and receive calls, mobile phones have revolutionised and completely changed the ways that business is conducted. As business mobile phones have opened up a whole new world of options for contact and communication, many businesses have enjoyed increased productivity and profit.

Business owners need to realise the advantages that cutting edge mobile phones can have for their business and the difference they can make to overall business performance. Ultimately, business phone systems make staff more efficient. With an appropriate business mobile and mobile phone plan, your employees can truly be mobile. Rather than only being able to serve clients and work collaboratively when positioned at their desks in the office, your staff can be just as productive whether they are in or out of the office.

A superior level of service

With suitable telephone systems, your staff can provide a more attentive, responsive and timely service to your clients and customers. Many businesses realise the absolute benefits of a quick response being provided to customers; rather than having to wait until the staff member is back in the office, a telephone call, email or fax message can be responded to or initiated via a smartphone, regardless of the employee’s physical location.

Ways that telecommunications can enhance the productivity of staff and assist with the fulfilment of your business objectives

It is a fact that modern telecommunications can make your business services more accessible to customers, but specifically how is this so?

Email anytime, anywhere: Your employees do not have to wait until they are in front of their office-based computer in order to send or respond to emails. In this day and age, an incredible amount of communication takes place via email and this medium needs to be accessible if your business is to be competitive and held in the highest esteem of your customers and contemporaries.

Email being accessed from a mobile phone also allows your staff to keep informed of what is happening in the office when they are working remotely. Any down time can also be well utilised when your staff are out of the office can be used effectively and very productively when staff are in possession of a modern mobile phone.

SMS:  The overriding benefit of SMS is that it is instant and can be checked straight away. SMS provides people with the confidence that the information they need to share or the question they need to ask will be read immediately. Many businesses now productively use SMS as a way to send vitally important messages to their staff and even their customers.

SMS also presents businesses with the opportunity to use SMS marketing techniques to give their business an edge and raise its profile amongst competitors.

Web access:  Contemporary business mobile phones allow your staff to conduct research to immediately answer the questions and queries of your customers when they do not spontaneously know the answer. With information literally at the fingertips of your staff, you can and should feel confident that they are best positioned to offer credible, up to date and relevant answers to your customers.

GPS:  The built in GPS feature of many contemporary business mobile phones is incredibly useful for business people trying to find their way to meetings and other sites. Rather than having to rely on a separate device, built in GPS can certainly increase confidence and reduce time wastage as your employees make their way to important meetings.

Voice recording:  We all know the situation…important meetings take place but when they have concluded, important details cannot be recalled. Smartphones have a voice recording feature that can be used to record meetings and discussions and referred to at a later time.

Contemporary businesses should realise the amazing benefits of telecommunications and their potential to increase productivity. As well as offering an improved overall service to customers, your staff can be responsive and accessible no matter where they are.

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  1. There is no doubt, that communication with a live person (especially with high professional leavel and pleasnt vocie) is much more efficient than lifeless mailing.
    So it’s rather important to select proper telecommunication software.

  2. I am the owner of telecommunication company. I am trying to teach this topic my callers but they cant understand. now, i was sharing him your post.
    Thanks a lot.

  3. I have worked with telecommunications in Denmark for over15 years and totally agree with you. Not all, but a lot of Danish companies have actually begun to use the many opportunities to increase business with modern telephony. And it rises quite sure the coming years. Thanks for a great post!

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