Top 5 Best Deal Earbuds for End Year

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It is rather obvious that some models are better than the others, and it is only natural that they cost more. However, we present to you the situation where this might not be the case. The holidays are coming and you can find the top models being as inexpensive as some of the inferior models.


A streak of holiday sales is inbound – The Black Friday, the New Year sales, and the Christmas sales are all just a couple of weeks apart from each other. This is a perfect time to buy yourself a nice pair of earbuds, as some of the prestigious models can be yours for a bargain price.

The top 5 Models of earbuds

1. Sound Intone E6 Pro In-ear Headphones Sports Running Earbuds Noise Isolating Headset

A really attractive pair of earbuds, the Sound Intone E6 is the first product in this review. The main reason why it belongs on the list for the best deals of the end year is because it offers quite a lot but it was quite expensive before the sales.



The E6 is supplied with incredible Noise Isolating capabilities and the ergonomic design. You won’t notice the ambient noise unless it’s really loud, while the ergonomic design provides you with comfort even after prolonged usages.

This pair of earbuds are easily compatible with most Apple and Android devices and offer a warranty of one month. The price of this product was cut by more than 400%, and this model is now considered to be really inexpensive.


  • Very good Noise Isolation;
  • Ergonomic Design;
  • Warranty of one month;
  • 400% cheaper;


  • Does not excel in any field in particular;

2. Beats by Dr. Dre – urBeats Earbud Headphones

The second earbuds on our list are very special – the Beats by Dr. Dre offer unique bass settings and bass booster, which compliments the outstanding quality of sound output. They come equipped with a metal housing which improves the sound isolation which is provided by the sealed construction.



Another unique feature they offer is the design which is comprised of several ear-tips. They block the external noise, resulting in absolute noise-canceling abilities. It has a RemoteTalk feature that allows you to either take calls or control the music without using your hands.

When it comes to performance, the Beats by Dr. Dre offer a very deep bass, midrange that is extremely clear, and excellent highs. The price was cut in half during the holiday sales, so this is an excellent bargain.


  • Amazing, deep bass complimented with a bass booster feature;
  • Excellent overall sound performance;
  • Metal housing provides great durability;
  • RemoteTalk feature allows you to take calls or control your music;
  • Premium sound isolation;


  • The main focus of these earbuds is on Sound Canceling abilities which cut on the versatility of use;

3. Symphonized XTC Premium Genuine Wood In-ear Noise-Isolating Headphones with Microphone

One of the finest models of earbuds on the market, the Symphonized XTC earbuds are more than capable of satisfying your needs for high-quality music. They have excellent noise canceling capabilities and offer great sound output.



The biggest advantage of these earbuds is the quality of their design and the durability which it provides. The process of their manufacture included the implementation of real wood which is able to withstand multiple years of usage without any problems.

Some of the special features that come supplied with this product are the Voice control and the Special design. The Voice control lets you answer the incoming calls and customize your listening experience by choosing, skipping, forwarding or rewinding the tracks. This model also comes equipped with a built-in microphone. The sales have cut the price of this product by nearly 50%, so go for it!


  • Amazing performance of sound;
  • Great noise canceling abilities;
  • Can be purchased in different colors and sizes;
  • The Voice Control feature lets you answer the incoming calls, skip, rewind, or choose the tracks you want to listen to;
  • Compatible with most iPad or Android products;


  • The cord is made from fabric – it is not too durable;

4. In-Ear Noise Isolating Earbuds Headphones Solememo Super Bass Earphones with Microphone and Remote Stereo Sports Earphones

The second-best product on this review, the Solememo Super Bass earbuds are a real bargain. They offer great sound capabilities, a durable design, the Inline mic, a remote, and they come equipped with the Comfortable Fit feature.



The Sound performance of this model includes two 9.2mm drivers which provide the exquisite sound performance. They also provide the balanced bass output, amazing midsection, and incredible treble. This makes them ideal for any daily activities (jogging, exercising, or walking, for example).

When it comes to durability and portability, these earbuds are absolutely perfect. The metal construction offers extreme durability, while the brushed metal provides the exquisite feel and beautiful appearance.

The Remote feature is similar to the hands-free features that other models provide, as it lets you control the music and your calls with great ease. The only downfall is that this model won’t work with the newest iPhone models.

All in all, this is a very valuable set of earbuds that are lightweight, offer amazing sound output, great durability, and exceptional features. The price was reduced by nearly 300%, so now they’re very affordable.


  • Incredible sound performance;
  • Very beautiful appearance;
  • Extremely durable;
  • Remote controls;
  • Comfortable Fit;


  • Not compatible with the latest iPod models;

5. GranVela G10 Hammering Gaming Earphones In-Ear Noise-Isolating Bass Headphones with Microphones

The last model on this walkthrough deserves special attention as it offers superior capabilities for a bargain price. The sound capabilities of these earbuds were enhanced by 9mm drivers that come equipped with special neodymium magnets.



The bass-driven sound is exceptionally powerful while the Memory Foam build offers superior comfortability and durability. The cord is very durable as well, and it’s long approximately 5.5-feet. This model comes with a complimentary carrying case.

Even though these earbuds are ideal for gaming, you would be surprised how useful they can be for any purpose. They are extremely affordable since their price was decreased by 300%. A very valuable and reliable earbud set.


  • Professional gaming earbuds;
  • Very durable and reliable – the neodymium magnets combined with the aluminum body resulted in supreme durability;
  • Superior sound output capabilities – 9mm drivers and powerful stereo sound;
  • PC compatible – by using the adapter that is included in the set you can connect these earbuds to your PC;


  • Quite specialized – they’re mainly gaming earbuds;


This is a perfect time to start searching for your earbuds. The holiday sales have decimated the prices of the best earbud models, but their capabilities and quality remain intact. Decide what you want out of your earbuds (noise isolation, sound performance, durability, special features), and start your search.

This article is contributed by Anh Vu, worked in the IT field and sound technology industry for 5 years now. Visit to Best Cheap Headphones Center to find the headphone that you need. 

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