Top 10 tips for Bloggers to start blogging

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Blogging is the most popular tool for writing your own ideas and sharing your thoughts, to nameless people coming to internet. There are many things bloggers trying to do to get most out of their blog.


Here are few points for bloggers

Create a unique logo

First of all, you need one image that represents your site. You can create logo with the help of online software’s. You can create in paint also. This will increase your brand presence. Try to make it larger rather than a small picture.

Social media icons

Social media sites are helpful for attracting new visitors daily to your blogging site.  It is the best platform to connect thousand of readers. Put these icons on the top of your website so that visitors can easily reach at your profile.

Post informative content to your site

Always give your readers knowledgeable content. If you are writing on some specific industry, be double sure to provide regular updates in that field. If you are not able to post it regularly, try hiring a content writer. You can find few on social sites like LinkedIn, facebook or competitor websites.


Readers and search engine like consistent content present on web. Posting three articles in a week is not enough to increase your regular customers. For regular customer you need to post at least one article on current news daily.  Posting regular content is easy to get higher ranking in search result.

Focus on bullet points

Some bloggers write so many words in order to engage their customers on website. But remember if the visitors will get some key points which are not present in other site, then only they get attracted towards your site.

Guest post

One of the best ways is guest post for exposing your blog on web.  Guest posting gives you the opportunity to build relationship with your customers.

Search engine Optimization

Google can bring long term traffic to your site. It is the best way to index your page at the time you publish, which in turn brings more leads to your blog. Search engine optimization is a marketing technique which is helpful for bloggers in many ways.


Spend some time while choosing keyword as these are the secret sauce to run a successful blog.  Keyword is important as the users can come to your blog according to your keywords and title on your page.

Use diversity

You can add videos, photos and audio in your blog to make it more attractive. So try all these strategies to become star in your blogging industry. People always look for something different so this is a great way.


Uploading videos on YouTube is the most common strategy in order to attract traffic to your site. In this way, you can promote your brand.

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