Why You Should Use Google+

Google+ is still the new kid on the block when it comes to social media, even after being around for a few years; however, while it hasn’t even come close to unseating Facebook, it’s already one of the more relevant social media platforms out there, as it can provide numerous benefits for businesses and websites […]

Is Your Google+ a Minus?

A lot of people seem to agree that, in order to establish some form of niche authority over the Internet, you need to have a Google+ account that you can use to verify your online identity. It’s the best way by which you can have your online work (such as articles) credited to you on […]

10 Things You Should Know About Google+

After the rush of the frustrated Google with Buzz and the Wave, The new bet for the technology giant is Google +, a social network that promises to be a great competitor of Facebook. And it seems, the competition wants to closely monitor the progress of the project. A profile and popular Google+ circle and […]

Transfer Your Facebook Photo to Google+

Google+ is a social network launched to compete with Facebook. Time will decide, who is going to win the race. But if you’re already using it and want to copy your images that are in your Facebook profile, here are two tips. Move2Picasa The simplest way is to use Picasa, Google’s virtual album, integrated with […]

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