Best Antivirus Apps For Android

Android is one of the most popular mobile operating system, with over a billion devices running them around the globe. One of the best selling point of Android Smartphones are definitely the number of applications that are available in the Google Play Store. The Google Play Store houses more than a million Android applications across […]

Top 10 Best Cloud Storage Apps for Android

Cloud storage is almost a must for anyone who uses their Android phone for anything more than just playing silly games to pass the time or doodling in an app of some kind. If you use your android phone for business, you need to be able to store stuff in a cloud and these are […]

How is KitKat Version Useful for Android App Developers?

One can surely sense and observe the tug of war between the technological giants Apple and Google. As the market of mobile technology and apps is growing steaming hot, the people on the other side are enjoying the benefits of this cut-throat competition between them as they get use the best features at reduced prices. […]

Top Five Golf Games for Android Users

Playing a game of golf on your smartphone or tablet is certainly not as enjoyable as playing golf in a lush green golf course; still it can be a lot of fun (and a much better pastime than liking and commenting on other people’s snaps at Facebook). If you are an ardent Golf fan like […]

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