5 Firefox Extensions To Protect Your Privacy

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The Web is full of  little shits that you catch the passing of your intensive hours of surfing! Also, have a good protection of your personal information is a fundamental issue.

To best protect you, here are 5 Firefox extensions to protect your privacy.

  • Phzilla

Phzilla gives you the ability to browse without leaving your IP address.  Using a proxy server, you will surf anonymously.

Flagfox displays a flag icon to indicate the country where the server is located the site you are browsing.

  • Better Privacy

Better Privacy protects your privacy against “non-deletable cookie,” a new generation of Super Cookie!

Ghostery protects you against all the invisible Web tracker, bugs, beacons placed on web pages with advertising networks and other small shit that we can not see!

  • NoScript

NoScript allows JavaScript scripts to run only on trusted domains of your choice. You can allow or block Java scripts.

And how do you protect yourself online?  What are the extensions you have installed?

11 thoughts on “5 Firefox Extensions To Protect Your Privacy

  1. I’ve used most of them, don’t know about the proxy though. What if the proxy is recording all the information you put into it? 😉

  2. Except FlagFox, I haven’t tried any of these add-on’s. Will give them a try for sure. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  3. I have never ever used a add-on for such reasons, I would look into one of them.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  4. thanks for sharing

    Isha congrats now u r under 100,000 on alexa 🙂

    1. yeah… i am so much happy for achieving the 100k rank in alexa….

  5. After watching Steven Rambams lecture on the Next HOPE I don’t think any kind of privacy in or outside of Internet. Try Googling “evercookie” you’d be really surprised at what “consumer” technology is available. Imagine what is available inside of huge marketing companies.

  6. This is an Interesting list, I’ve never heard of Phzilla though, so strange. Hmmmm.. THanks for sharing.

  7. I haven’t used any of them previously.. will surely give them a try.. thnx isha……..

    1. thanks for commenting reshab….. keep visiting….

  8. Not use any of them yet, thanks for sharing….

  9. I would like to add one more important addon: Force-TLS addon which is particularly important if you’re using wireless networks. This has acquired huge importance since the discovery of Firesheep attack. Just my two cents.
    Thanks for the addons.

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