Reasons Why Your Next Website Should Use HTML5

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Are you still not using HTML5? You might have your own reasons for not using it. But you need to understand the fact that HTML5 is the future of websites. Whether you like it or not, you need to get used to it. Even though it is not adopted fully, the benefit of using it is quite vivid. It is surprising if you look at the supporters of HTML5. Apple insists on it, Adobe builds new products based on it and many web owners are passionate about it. But still few designers and developers are not comfortable with HTML5.

I guess many think it to be a complex web development tool. In reality, the tool is very practical and I’ve put together the reasons why you should be using HTML5.


Easier access to sites is possible with HTML5. The two reasons that enable this are ARIA and semantics.

ARIA is a specification that is used to allot specific roles to all the elements in the document. It does the main work of creating landmarks on a page like header, navigation, role attributes, footer and the like. HTML5 validates all these attributes.

In semantics the HTML headings allow visitors to access the content with ease. Semantic tags allow the screen reader to examine the document in a better way.

Mobile Technology

Mobile technology is experiencing a tremendous growth. A certain amount of mobile owners use their phones to access websites and the number is likely to increase in the coming years. This creates urgency in creating websites that support mobiles. HTML5 is the perfect tool to develop apps and mobile sites. Adobe has put an end to mobile flash and you have to rely on HTML5 for mobile web development. You can optimize your website for mobile phones using the following tags in HTML5.

  • Viewport which allows you to define zoom settings and viewport widths
  • Full screen allows idevices to display your site in full screen
  • Icons on Home Screen allow you to add favorites on Android and IOS mobile device.

Cross Browser/Legacy Support

All the modern and popular browsers including Google chrome, Opera, Safari IE9 and Firefox support HTML5. HTML5 is designed in such a way that the old browsers will also support this tool. Old browsers can recognize HTML5 tool but they cannot use the new goodies and tags. Since HTML5 is browser friendly, old browsers can include a JavaScript to access the new elements.

Game Development

Playing online games is common in today’s computer world. Both young and old carry the same passion towards online games. HTML5 can be used to develop games with the help of <canvas> tag. Building Flash games in HTML5 is great fun.  You can create mobile friendly games with ease.

Smart Storage

The strongest feature in HTML5 is the local storage. It is a combination of old cookies and a client side database. This combination allows you to store data across multiple windows. The storage feature offers better performance and security. Even after closing the browser the data gets preserved. This is the main reason why all the browsers support HTML5. This feature is good to develop web apps without relying on third party plug-ins.

Start using HTML5 today so that you are not left behind in the future. HTML5 is being adopted by more companies and so take advantage of its capability. HTML5 is the right tool to write clean codes without even changing the design of your site. You might develop a game that rules the game world.

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  1. To be honest i am still not using HTML5 because i was unaware about it’s options and features that can help to get good output. After read your post i am optimistic and sure that in next website i will use it to make my website latest and search engine friendly.

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