Top 10 Best Applications for Android

Android, an operating system by Google, won the taste of Smartphone users, by its speed, flexibility and especially for being free. We have prepared a list of top 10 best or you can say essential applications for Android. WhatsApp It’s a Universal Messenger for all operating systems (Android, IOS, BlackBerry and Symbian). With it you […]

The “Monetary” Benefits of Android Monitoring Software

Information at a remote distance is the basic essence in using and developing android monitoring software. When we use the software to, for example, determine the phone user’s location, we are actually gathering location data of the phone itself using one of its tracking functions. But aside from its long-distance data gathering capabilities, android monitoring […]

Top 5 Music Services For Android

The demand for streaming music services is growing at an incredible pace. Some of the streaming services are free and others have a monthly subscription service which is very affordable. The service you choose will be based solely on your own preference and usability. Essentially, they all will provide same thing, instant streaming of music […]

5 Best Premium Android Phones

If you are looking forward to the 5 best premium Android phones in the market, just read below and you will be able to get plenty of useful information on the same. They are easily available in market. You can go online and compare their features and rates. 5 best premium Android phones can be bought after much […]

Top 5 Shopping apps for Android

If you like to shop online and you have a smart phone powered by Android OS, you do not need your desktop or laptop anymore to shop online. You Android phone can help you purchase products online. These are top 5 online shopping apps for Android: Amazon Mobile App: Amazon is the best website to […]

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