How to Print Labels from Microsoft Word

In order to print labels from Microsoft Word 2010, a person should first make sure his or her printer is loaded with label sheets of moderate-to-high quality. Epson printer ink combined with high-quality label paper can increase contrast, dramatically improving label readability. It’s also important to make sure that it is, in fact, Microsoft Word […]

Whatsapp for Windows Phone 8 Devices – First Look

For those who are not using WhatsApp, here is what this application is all about. WhatsApp is primarily a messaging service utility to be precise. WhatsApp has been recently updated and is available for download and can be used in mobile phones running on Windows Phone 8 as well as on other commonly used operating […]

Three Innovative and Tempting Features of Windows 8

Three years after Microsoft revolutionized computer-experience with the OS Windows 7, they have come up with its follow up. windows 8, is the latest gift from Microsoft to its customers. It is more innovative and upgraded operating system. Even before its introduction, it had created a lot of buzz in the technology industry. The following […]

Microsoft Opens Windows Azure to Web Hosts

Cloud computing has been seen as a bane to Microsoft’s business for years.  Despite early efforts to release Microsoft Office productivity suite online through Microsoft Office Live, Microsoft has clearly been trailing the leaders in the cloud space for several years.  In this last year, Microsoft Azure Cloud has gained a significant amount of industry […]

Microsoft Office 2013 Focuses on Mobility and the Cloud

The coming release of Microsoft Office 2013 offers users more convenience than ever before.  Microsoft Office 2013 was built to be compatible not only with desktops and laptops, but now integrates functions that work seamlessly with tablets and smartphones.  However, its central feature revolves around cloud computing where documents are automatically stored in Microsoft’s SkyDrive […]

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