Understanding Cloud Based ITSM and its Benefits

Cloud computing continues to play a larger and larger role in IT. One of these roles that are often not discussed, however, is in relation to ITSM (IT Service Management). Often, when people talk about IT in the cloud they’re talking about ITSM in the general sense but never acknowledging it as such. That’s why […]

Managing Cloud Storage Security Concerns

Cloud computing certainly sounds appealing to the IT department, whether you’re thinking about going for software as a service, infrastructure as a service, or platform as a service. However, if you need to pass this solution through the higher ups who aren’t as familiar with cloud technology, you need to have a good way of […]

Offline Access in Cloud Applications

Individuals and businesses are embracing cloud applications and desktop software is dying a slow death. But the recent failure of Amazon web services have shown that offline access it still important, especially for large companies and enterprises. But cloud applications still has a lot to offer and they are cheap comparing to many desktop software. […]

To Cloud Or Not To Cloud? Benefits and Drawbacks of the Infamous Cloud

Everyone’s talking about it. Cloud computing is now a common buzzword in the world of computing. Its obvious benefits have made it one of the fastest-growing notions in the history of technology. This article will talk you through some of the benefits and drawbacks of Cloud IT from a business perspective. Internet-based Benefit: Cloud services […]

Should You Move PC Security Monitoring to the Cloud?

As you move more data from your hard drive to the cloud, you may be wondering whether now is a good time to cloud-source your desktop security software. After all, it’s just one more application that’s eating up disk space and hogging memory. But are today’s cloud-based security apps up to snuff? Protecting your PC […]

Finding Safety in the Cloud

As we move rapidly into the future, businesses are looking for more comprehensive network solutions. Data is becoming a larger part of our personal and professional lives; faster Internet speeds, an increase in data traffic across computers and mobile devices, and consumer demand for more has facilitated this increase. As a result traditional modes of […]

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