The Cloud and Corporate Intranet Systems

Cloud computing, which evolved with a huge buzz amongst the IT businesses, has become a concrete reality now. It has found its usage in numerous applications that intend to support and enhance business productivity. One of the major areas they are being widely used in is corporate intranet systems.   Whereas many organizations have started […]

Build Your Own Cloud With Open Source Software And Dynamic DNS

The cloud is all the rage at the moment. Software, Platform, and Infrastructure as a Service providers offer a lot of advantages, particularly when it comes to convenience. But, as is often the case, convenience and ease-of-use can come at the cost of degraded security and privacy. Many people are dubious about putting all their […]

Does Using Cloud Computing At Home Make Sense?

Cloud computing has gone completely mainstream friends and yes, using it at home is an excellent idea. Here’s why: What started as a purely enterprise level commercial trend back in the beginning of the 2000’s has spent the last 13 years steadily becoming more popular, cheaper and much more user friendly. It’s also gotten a […]

Cloud Computing Helps Business Extensively!

Do you know every nook and corner of cloud based services? We have come across many users, who do not have a clear idea about cloud based services that result in less use of such services. However, if you get accustomed to the cloud based service, you will know the level of ease that it […]

Enterprise Cloud Offerings

The New Year brings new enterprise cloud offerings from several businesses. These new offerings are aimed at getting companies to switch their applications over to the cloud. The expanded infrastructure offered from IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) will bring together data services from around the world, including; Canada, Brazil, Japan, Australia and France, as well […]

Cloud Based Computing Advantages Have Made It Unbeatable

Online, or cloud based computing, is becoming more and more popular at an increasing rate. The reason for the impressive growth of online computing is the stunning features that create enormous utility at a relatively lower cost. The organisations that subscribe to the services of an online computing infrastructure experience significant reductions in costs related […]

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