7 Deadly Sins of Link Building

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For some time now, Google is always chasing and punishing spammers links.  Your site is in danger of  being blacklisted and banned from Google for link spamming? Yes, No, Maybe?

If you are not 100% sure. Read the post below.

SEO Link Building has become one of the main activities of high leverage in any business online. The simple fact is that the back-links you to generate a high page rank and page rank with a high you will rank better in SERP’s. Obviously, this means more traffic and more money.

Back-links comprise 90% of its Google rank, and so the link building, took on a life of its own. Most people do not seem to fully understand and do not perform the technique of SEO. For starters you should know that not all links are good back links.  They can actually harm you more than help it.

Natural Building Links. Google did not create his classification system to be manipulated. It was designed to reward good sites that are “linked” to him naturally. That’s why getting a lot amount of links in a short time may be suspect, if you try to do it yourself without some control.

Unfortunately, you have to build links to your site, linking directories for example, but otherwise they will not be competitive or relevant, since this link does not come naturally, was not an indication of another webmaster. But if you sit and wait for the sites link to you, you may wait forever.

Most “expensive” to build back-links “kamikaze style”, ie, they will create many links there, from where they can and whatever the cost. This is a recipe for disaster. Once your site is marked by Google, what can generate a lot of headaches and you have to start all over again.

Do Link Building desperately, can render months of hard work useless, so take great care to build back-links. Here are the seven deadly mistakes SEO Link Building. Avoid them at all costs.

Mistake 1: Bulk Packed Link

Obviously, some vulgar and unscrupulous people are out there that sell packages link. Most often, they explode in the lists of classified ads or spam.  These links are the equivalent of buying lists of email spam.  Do not. Your links might end up on banned sites that can really harm your image on Google.

Mistake 2: Link Exchanges (Link Exchange)

Back in the past where the exchange of links has been the main strategy for SEO Link Building. Google can easily keep track of reciprocal links and they simply no longer applies to anything else. Link Exchanges can actually harm your business.

Mistake 3: Binding sites not indexed

Most people who spend hours building your back-links manually, makes the mistake of creating links to sites not indexed.  To receive a weight back, the page where you have your link should be indexed. Having links on pages not indexed does not mean anything. It’s a waste of time.

Mistake 4: Do not use anchor text

At first, this probably will not sound very scary, but if you build two thousand links without anchor text relevant to your site can easily go through a spam site that gets just random links.  When using the anchor text that is related to your site, it gives your link a link-juice, giving a sense to him and make your links relevant and increases the perceived value of each link.

Mistake 5: Not being relevant

Google is getting smarter every day.  After all, your business is to provide the most relevant information for each search that is performed.  If they do, people will stop using Google. That is why the company has to protect him so vigorously.  When you get back-links to relevant sites and of course related, then the link will have a lot of weight into Google and you’ll benefit from it.

Mistake 6: Inorganic links

As mentioned earlier, Google created the system to work page rank organically. They are looking for links to get to your site, of course.  For most it means that, slowly and consistently over time from a variety of related sites. If you’ll get 1,000 links during the evening of the same site, then Google, alarms will ring and you can land yourself in some trouble back-linking. Go slowly, especially if you have a new site.

Mistakes 7: Buy Link

Senior PR, Back-links are worth gold. Literally.  A number of sites with high PR that sells links. These links can become quite expensive for you, but the lure of immediate results makes many people quit buying links. If links are publicly traded, then, presumably, Google can track them down and apply a punishment.

SEO Link Building have to be so natural and as organic as possible.  Always go after links that are relevant and on sites with good page rank. If you can get links from pages with a high page rank, the better. Do not fall for the promise of quick solution of SEO services Link Building. In the long term, slow and steady natural links will keep sending more and more traffic your way.

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  1. Most of the online business are failure due to lack of proper link building and SEO,finally it end up with empty blog.Quality link building only generate more SERP and more value among search engines.Thanking you for a wonderful article :)…

  2. I agree when you said that anchor text is important and we also must not create to much backlink to our site to prevent been detect as unnatural link or spamming. Great post thought =)

  3. contextual links are most important way of links building.

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