Top 10 Ways Your Smart Phone Knows Where You Are

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In this 21st century technology has accomplished such seemingly unattainable feats and the whole nation is left flabbergasted. With the advent of wireless technology which is followed by the boom of smart and elegant cell phones herald the beginning of an era where nothing is just impossible.

Desktops, laptops, tablets and other navigation gadgets are quite tough to carry. With devices like smart elegant cell phones the navigation industry has experienced a paradigm move. These elegant smart gadgets combine the user’s position with different data, giving origin to new noble services.

Since the nation saw the boom of smart elegant phones, it has achieved the ideal balance between social and utilitarian aspect. Today smart phones have gone beyond the basic functions by fitting in social media together with other similar kind of applications.

Today you will find that smart phones can even track the locations. But, you might have a question in your mind on how do these smart phones track the locations. Like others it’s quite evident that even you are curious to know the technology that has been embedded behind this smart gadget. There are at least ten systems that have been developed to find out the location. The following is an account of the different ways smart phones are used to find out the location.


GPS abbreviation for Global Positioning System is considered to be the most efficient technique of identifying your al fresco locations. In Global Positioning System, a set of satellites work in collaboration to relay data such as location, positioning as well as timing from space to the phone. If the cell phone has gathered data from three respective satellites, it will be able to tell you the locations exactly. But, if the cell phone gathers data from four respective satellites then it can even tell you the elevation.

Assisted GPS

The next in the row is assisted GPS. Though, the kind of technology the cell phone holds gels perfectly well with three to four satellites, but if you surrounded with buildings that reflect signals then it really becomes tough for the satellites to track the locations. Thus, this is where exactly Assisted GPS comes into play.

Synthetic GPS

With synthetic GPS, what anyone requires is time as well as data network to broadcast information. Synthetic GPS puts into play a mechanism that permits it to predict the location of a satellite weeks or even months from before. With such a cached of satellite data maintained, the location of the phone can be identified within 2 seconds.

Cell ID

Another smart way is through Cell ID to find out the exact location. At first it is found out how far is one cell phone from other cell phone in that area. The next thing is to find out which particular sector of a base station connects the phone by making use of the data in the database such as location and ID number.


Wi-Fi connection can even help you to find out the location with better meticulousness by making use of two mechanisms such as wireless fingerprinting and RSSI.

Inertial Sensors

If you are in a place where wireless system does not respond, you can make use of Inertial Sensors to find out the location.


If your GPS coverage in the indoors id iffy, you can make use of the Barometer to track the locations.


Through this you can detect the location of the cell phone if someone has entered a specific area or location.

Bluetooth Beacons

With the help of beacons location of a cell phone can also be tracked.

Terrestrial Transmitters

Terrestrial Transmitters can also be used for locating a particular location. They get stronger signals in comparison to satellites that provide you with more exact results.

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