5 Tips to Increase Viewer Retention on Social Media

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What if you have a lot of viewers watching one of your videos on social media – but most of them stop watching after the first few seconds? Needless to say that is far from ideal, and it is the reason why viewer retention is so important.

As you can imagine viewer retention is based on numerous factors, but some tend to play a bigger role than others. That is why you should focus on these 5 tips that can help you to increase viewer retention for your videos on social media:

Reel viewers in during the first 7 seconds

When it comes to viewer retention, the first 7 seconds of your videos tend to be the most important – as many viewers will decide whether to stay and watch more within that timeframe. With that in mind you should use the first 7 seconds to reel viewers in and make a compelling case for why they should stay and watch more.

Keep the total duration short

The longer a video goes on, the greater the chance that more viewers will stop watching – which is bad for viewer retention. To avoid that from happening you should try to keep the total duration of your videos relatively short – normally between 1 to 2 minutes on most social media platforms.

Choose topics that are of genuine interest to viewers

If the topics of your videos are genuinely interesting to viewers, it is more likely they stay and watch them. Some research and experimentation may be required to find the right topics, but one shortcut is to see what types of videos your competitors are publishing and how their viewers are responding to those videos.

Don’t beat around the bush

Considering you want your videos to be as short as possible this should go without saying – but beating around the bush is generally a bad idea for social media videos. Instead you should make sure the contents of your video are tightly-focused on the topic and get straight to the point in a direct fashion.

Be prepared to learn

In the long term the best way to improve viewer retention is to track the performance of your videos and analyze them to see what your viewers seem to respond to. If you’re prepared to learn from the videos that you publish then you’ll be able to gradually improve your viewer retention with each new video that you publish.

By taking these tips on board when you create social media videos, you stand a good chance of seeing your viewer retention increase immediately. Additionally your conversion rate should also improve, as more viewers will be watching your video to the end where the call to action is normally located.

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