Balance Between Blogging And Study

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Wishing all the readers a Merry Christmas. Enjoy your day.

Many have blog while studying in college or secondary level. Sometimes it seems that both could not co-exist. I think people who say this is impossible to do both things at once is simply not able to find a balance and better organize their time.

Like everything in life is not just about finding the right balance. Also depends a lot on what your reason for having a blog. Motivation is a very important aspect of this balance.

Then, based on my experience I give you some tips to help them find the perfect balance and, believe me, it will remove a little stress.

  • Motivate

Without motivation you will not move to anywhere, if you like blogging do to win. If you have to study, do it heartily. Thus both advanced and then will not have to take time away from a task to complete the other.

  • Reward

What most motivates people gets, are the prizes, get something for nothing. How have we thought, “to study if we do not get anything.” Then reward yourself alone. “If I finish this task in 1 hour,” “If I do well this post gave me a nap.”

  • Learn to say NO!

It’s really tempting to get blogging when one is in front of the computer, even if it is time for blogging but to study. That is why it is important to practice saying NO!  Everything has its time, stick to it.

  • Learn to organize your time and tasks

I can say that this could be the real key to finding a balance. Learn to organize your time will give you more time. Learn to organize your tasks will make you more productive.

  • Write scheduled post

It may seem the most stupid and obvious but it really can help a lot. Many times we find ourselves in the situation where we have free time to spare and do not know what to do, that’s the time to write a good post and schedule it for when we know we will not have time.

In short everything is a matter of attitude, will and learn how to organize. Nothing is impossible.

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