Important Things to Consider in Android Mobile App Development

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The smart mobile devices arena is ruled by two dominating mobile platforms namely iOS and Android. Although there are a few others that have established their identity in the field, the two pioneers are far ahead of others. Of late, Android has gained much popularity among users for two reasons. First, smart mobile devices operating on Android platform are comparatively cheaper.


Secondly, the ease of app development and customization of the Android open source has made it very popular among both users and developers. This article intends to enlighten android developers on some important aspects, which will deliver the best front end user experience.

Usability of the app

The first and foremost aspect is the usability of the app. As an android developer, you need to plan the mobile strategy and ensure that the app delivers exactly what users expect. Creating wire-frames and prototypes should be the first step. Consult and collaborate with fellow developers and end users to ensure the best usability of the app. There are a number of free tools that enable you to easily create prototypes. Prototypes give you a real time experience of how your end product will be. Correction, modification, and addition of features is quite easy at this stage. Once you are clear about the functionalities required, the next big thing to consider is the design.

Simplify user interface

The success of any mobile app depends on the user interface design (UI). Even if the app has the capability to solve complex problems, if the user finds it difficult to learn and use the apps, then it ends as a failure. The very purpose of mobile app is to simplify complex tasks, so care should be taken to make the user interface simple and easy to use. Since the app can be used on various devices with different screen sizes, care should be taken to present all the vital components of the app on the screen irrespective of its size.

Focus on the style and components

The style and the components of the interface certainly have an impact on the users. It is important to update yourself on the latest trends, styles, and themes to create a design that is in compliance with current trends. The size of the font, color scheme, and shape of the components should be pleasing to the users. The next important thing to consider is the consistency in pattern of the mobile app. For instance, app structure, navigation, settings, and features should be in such a manner such that users find it easy to perform any task without hassles.

Consider time and budget?

Finally, consider the time and budget while developing android apps. It is always possible to make improvements in any work of art and mobile apps are no exception. While perfecting your creation is a good habit, it should be done in a time bound manner and within the budget. Considering the speed of change in app development, any delay in completion of app may be disastrous.


These are just a few important aspects in android app development. You can find a lot of tips and tricks for successful app development in the internet. While it is good to read online tutorials on developing android applications, experience is the best teacher. You will learn quite a lot as you progress in your app development career.

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  1. Though I am not directly into android development, still I found your article quite interesting as I could understand and related to at least some of it. Nice one Thanx.

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