How to Study MBA via an Apple iPad or iPhone

Many today who are thinking of or already pursuing an MBA degree do have an iPad or iPhone. This tablet computer or Smartphone in the case of iPhone can be veritable tools for helping you succeed with MBA. At any given time you may need to access the internet for some useful pieces of information […]

Microsoft Opens Windows Azure to Web Hosts

Cloud computing has been seen as a bane to Microsoft’s business for years.  Despite early efforts to release Microsoft Office productivity suite online through Microsoft Office Live, Microsoft has clearly been trailing the leaders in the cloud space for several years.  In this last year, Microsoft Azure Cloud has gained a significant amount of industry […]

How Easy Is It To Play Windows Games On Linux?

Many people know of the OS Linux, but few people know how difficult it is to play games on Linux if you do not know a few tricks. There are games that are specifically developed for Linux users, and there are Windows games that provide patches for downloading to a Linux system. We are not […]

Applications for the Information Kiosk Touch Screen

Information kiosks have come a long way from the early days of “hole in the wall” ATM machines. Early kiosk ATM’s were called holes in the wall because the kiosks were essentially small computers with green screens and physical keyboards that were attached to the side of a bank. They were large devices inside the […]

How To Webcam Chat Live On the Internet

A webcam can allow you to do many things with your computer or portable device. It can allow you to make short films, stream live video, chat with friends, or even make video blogs. It is a great addition to have and can be very fun and rewarding. Another benefit of the webcam is that […]

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