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How to Study MBA via an Apple iPad or iPhone

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Many today who are thinking of or already pursuing an MBA degree do have an iPad or iPhone. This tablet computer or Smartphone in the case of iPhone can be veritable tools for helping you succeed with MBA. At any given time you may need to access the internet for some useful pieces of information or even jot down an idea related to your post-graduate work and it is at such a time that these devices will definitely come in handy.

Besides this benefit that the iPhone and iPad have there are some applications that can be used on these mobile gadgets to help with your MBA studies. This includes:

MBA Learning Studio – Platinum Edition

This might probably be the best of the lot. It has been designed for use on the iPad as well as on the iPhone. Courses that come with this application range from the easy general professional concepts to the much advanced areas of study that focus on applied concepts with particular respect to business, finance or management. Every one of the courses (34 in all) includes complete course content, comprehensive texts, interactive flashcards, and more. Now some of the courses included are: business math, pocket CFO, pocket MBA and sales management just to mention a few. Also, one great feature with MBA Platinum Edition is that it does not require internet connection.


This presentation application has been designed for mobile devices. It is complete with transitions and animated charts. Highlight data with great 3D bar, pie charts, line and area. It is animated with recent 3D chart builds like Crane, Radial, Grow, and Rotate. You can make presentations with full-screen view direct on your iPhone or iPad. Surely a great tool for accomplishing MBA tasks on the go or at down-times. And, yes Keynote does work with iCloud, which means that your presentations will automatically remain up-to-date.

Roambi Analytics Visualizer

Roambi Analytics is a free application that allows you to quickly transform existing data and business reports into wonderful visual displays, which grab users’ attention. With it you can transform MBA content into information that is much easier to digest and so make your learning something closer to being fun. In addition, this application comes with fully practicable samples of vivid, interactive mobile reports, which allows you to tap, pinch as well as swap information. It can be used on iPad or iPhone.

MBA 2.0 Learning Solutions: Top Management

The application in question is really more than just a single “app.” It is 20 of them rolled up in 1, and the good thing about each course it offers is that they each provide a complete study of a specific facet of business management that is modern. INTERSOG; a market leader developed MBA Top Management based on Dr. J.K. Shim’s work, a bestselling author. Courses that you will find with this educational package include: business essentials, effective business communications among others. This is truly a resource for any MBA student with an iPad or iPhone.

Priority Matrix

Juggling between MBA classes and meeting up with other aspects of your master’s degree program can be mind-boggling at times. With Priority Matrix for iPad only you are able to prioritize and divide your responsibilities or tasks into four customizable quadrants such as:

  1. Accomplish Now
  2. Plan For
  3. Highly Distractive Tasks (anything you feel you ought to accomplish, but don’t really need to)
  4. Uncategorized (part of your agenda, but will be organized later)

As you can see these five iPhone and iPad applications will help you with your MBA studies. And, they happen to be some of the best. However, newer ones are being developed even as you read this article. So always be on the look out!

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