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7 Simple hacks to Improve Ecommerce Conversion Rate

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It drives people nuts when they find that despite working their tail off conversion rate of their website is as low as ever. They hire the best designer, change the interface, change the pricing of their products but nothing seems to work. Now, do not do anything stupid like banging your head against the wall because for sure, this will not help you see a significant improvement in the conversion rate of your website.


Rather than getting indulged in such unfruitful activities, you need to roll your sleeves up and try the following tips –

Use only High Quality Product Images

How come you expect to see a rise in the conversion rate of your website if the product landing pages lack genuine product images. You simply cannot fool the visitors by featuring some stock images. Remember that people will be trying to form an idea about the product from these product images and therefore, you have to play honest here. Use high quality images of your products and if possible, please try to give a 360 view of those products. Some big brands are doing that and they have reported to see a significant spike in the conversion rate.

Cool Product Copy

Do not make the product page landing page read boring. Believe it or not, people do read the product description before they make a buying decision. A great product body copy convinces the visitors and then converts them and therefore, you should not leave no stone unturned to make the body copy read great.

Try to use simple and straightforward information. No need to use complex technical jargons in the product body copy because most people are not acquainted with these terms and therefore, these terms will go lost on them. Just make sure that the body copy is information, crisp and pithy. It should also contain Call to Action texts but it should be blended seamlessly with the rest of the body copy.

Add a Product Video

Great images and well-crafted body copy is not enough, you also need to add videos showcasing the product in action. Since visitors are not in position to feel the products physically [sadly our technology has not made that much advancement so far], we need to give them as much information about the products as possible and video is certainly is one of the most effective, powerful and highly interactive platform available. So, make use of this platform to your website’s advantage.

Add Customization Option

Customization creates an ambience of ownership. People always have fascination for customization. Therefore, if you allow people to customize products a tad bit, it will go a long way to ensure that they actually buy your products. When you allow people to customize products, it gives them the peace of mind that they are buying something unique for them and this is one such USP that can play a pivotal role in increasing conversion rate of your website.

Do not Charge For Shipping

People do not like the idea of forking out extra money for shipping. So, you can give them some options like Free shipping for buying above a certain price. This will encourage the visitors to buy more products and at the same time, help you retain the visitors and get them converted eventually.

Fix Uncertainty

People need assurance while buying and that means your website should have a clear Return and Refund policy otherwise nobody will be interested in buying products from your website. Now, if you feel that you do not have enough time for this, you need to hire a product description writer who knows how to write a great product copy.

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