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Get Media’s Deliberation at your Business by PR

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It is possible to get reasonable media coverage for your business, even when that business of yours is small. But the big question now is: how can you do this, with all these bigger businesses around competing with you to get the same media attention? Now the simple answer to this question is: You can’t.

This is because in attempting to get some attention, many small business firms like yours make the fatal mistake of pitching for “the big story.” Although this isn’t bad, it will not get top media firms jumping on any offer you make to profile your business if you go this way. Okay so what do you do? Well, in order to get them to do what you want you will need to approach this in a different way.

A different approach

Now the fact of the matter is that almost every major media/publication outlet has people covering entrepreneurship, small business, the economy as well as human angle stories that people will love to hear about. And, so going about this in a different way is definitely in your best interest. In addition to this, there are several smaller media/publication outlets whose only focus is the small business person. These obviously will be willing to help you.

They might not come looking for what you think you can offer. Like a professional guide regarding your line of field, but they certainly will want you to share your real-life small business experience with their readers. No matter the area of business that you are in, there is a story to be told.  It could be how this business of yours started, your present challenges in business, etc.

Okay so what story-lines do they expect?

If you have started a business, then you certainly have lots and lots of stories to tell. Some of the tried and tested pitches that have resonated well with readers are close to what you will find below:

  • How I started my own company after leaving a big firm
  • The worst kind of employee I have ever had
  • Small business hiring interview tips
  • Government regulations and the way it is destroying my small-business company
  •  How my initial funding came

Who you need to pitch

Alright in order for your business to get media coverage, you will need to know the writers or reporters that write about small businesses. One way to do this, is to visit the “about pages” of PR firms and find the people you are looking for. Another is to try out HARO (Help a Reporter Out). HARO sends out email lists containing information about reporters that are looking for story sources. Also, there are services such as Burrelles Luce and Vocus that will provide detailed contacts about reporters that cover your industry as well as small business.

The next thing you will need to do is to follow them on Twitter as well as subscribe to their Facebook updates. After following them and getting subscribed, you should engage them by becoming interested in the things they do. You will get to know this by browsing your Twitter as well as Facebook stream.

Consider hiring a public relations firm

Don’t leave this option closed especially if you know that you can afford it. Getting steady media attention will take time and involve some effort on your part. Of course, you believe that you will be able to do this by yourself. However, do you sincerely have the time? If not, then hire a PR professional today! It will be well worth it.

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