6 Practical Uses of Blogging

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One of the emerging innovations in technology is blogging. The emergence of blogging started when political figures and candidates use it to express their opinions on different social issues. The blog became a news source. Another thing, blogging contains the experiences, observations and views of a writer or group of writers.


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Nowadays, blogging is not only for professional writers or people who has business or services to promote. Blogging is also popular among students and sometimes, this becomes their portfolio of school work and personal space as well. Blogging can be used in different ways. Let me share to you the practical use of blogging.

Personal Space

This the original use of blogging. You can start easily, like in 5 minutes and you can begin to vent all your opinions on certain thing. You can also tell the readers about your frustrations in life or your source of happiness. Any topic will do because as I said, it’s your own personal space online. It’s like an online diary.

Professional Interest Blog

If you’re into a particular field like photography or mountaineering, you can start a blog wherein you put your thoughts and experiences regarding this field of interest. Your blog will be a repository of learning that can be helpful to other people of the same interest. Or it can inspires people to pursue this interest as well. In the long run, you can recommend products or services that are related to your interest.

An Online Resume

Nowadays, blog is considered as your resume. You can tell your future employer about your blog and that he/she can check it in reference to your professional experiences and views.

Providing Product Reviews

When a blog is created for business purposes, this is one of the most effective way to promote your products or services. In writing a product review, you need to be objective. Present the sides of the product or services. Provide details about pros and cons of using this product or availing this service.

Publishing A Newsletter

If you are affiliated with a company, non-profit organization or an interest club, then blogging is the best way to publish the newsletters. You have a choice now instead of paying for a dull newsletter. Blogging about the newsletter for your affiliated company, non-profit organization or an interest club is more interactive and animated. Well, last thing is, it’s for free!

Collaborate On Projects

When they are working on a group project, people can use blog for it. Each members should have an access to post on the said blog. Make sure that the members know the blog address, username and password. This blog will serve as a manual for future reference for all the knowledge you and other members put in that blog.

You can blog anything you want as long as it helps you out and other people too. Happy blogging everyone!

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