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Top 4 iPhone Tracking Apps You Don’t Want to Miss

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Almost everyone today has an iPhone that they carry every day. The use of this predominantly techy gadget has become a fad when it started to come out until it became a staple gadget, not only for the good impression it yields for the person owning one but for the convenience it brings to its owner. It practically answers our need for information, most especially when owners have a business to manage. Tracking an iPhone is very important most especially for parents who want to check on the activities of their children as well as to those who want to keep track of the important matters and people in their lives.


Considering how an iPhone has significantly become an important part of our daily life, tracking it down is quite as important as keeping it safe to continue enjoying its useful features. Here are the top 4 iPhone tracking apps that you don’t want to miss to use on your device.


One of the most important features of Netspysoftware is its ability to track GPS. Unknown to some, GPS tracking is very important because it can very well serve as one of the security facilities to use in safeguarding the family member’s safety and property. In a business perspective, GPS tracking system provides valuable information to businessmen who ship cargoes to various destinations. With Netspysoftware apps, it provides details on its own tracking reports and these are real time reports to start with. This app can also track text messages and provides detailed information of both the sender and the recipient’s texting details. Moreover, it also has the capability of tracking mobile internet activities. It can trace the footprints of search engines and websites visited and blocks specified websites for parental control.  Netspysoftware also tracks multimedia sent or received on the device. This covers both video and photos. If you want to have the ability to keep tabs on your device location and all of its activities, Netspysoftware can be your best spy software on iPhone.

Find My iPhone

Find my iPhone is another tracking app that can be of great help to its user. This works by using another iOS device to locate a lost iPhone and its data. Having said this, it does mean that this is a good app to locate a lost iPhone. Whether the iPhone is negligently lost by the owner or is stolen, this app can secure the data that is stored on the iPhone and will help in locating the lost device itself. You can gain access to your Find My iPhone account using your Apple ID from another iOS device with the app installed or directly from the Apple account. From your dashboard you will find loads of information to help you locate your device’s GPS location with the option to password lock your device or restrict its use by the one not authorized to use it.

Mobile Spy

This iPhone app is a good one for monitoring in absolute stealth. By installing the software to an iPhone device, the Mobile Spy user will have the capability of monitoring the phone activities without the one using it getting suspicious. You can access SMS messages, call and browsing history including access to the multimedia files on the monitored iPhone. With the program running in stealth mode, you are not giving its user a hint that his iPhone activities are regularly monitored and made accessible to another person. The Mobile spy program is a good tracking application of monitoring an iPhone without giving a hint of your tracking activities.

Find My Friends

Tracking an iPhone is not mainly about spying on the monitored device. It also includes finding your friends, family and significant persons in your life using your Apple phone. An iPhone tracking app called Find My Friends provides you an excellent application to easily find your friends online. You only need to install the application to your iPhone to start enjoying its tracking feature. All you need is to invite friends or the members of your family to form part of your friend’s circles to make tracking down of their activities easier and more convenient using your iPhone device.

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