5 Great Features That Make The Samsung GS4 The Ultimate Gadget

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With their latest remarkable gadget, Samsung Galaxy S3 in the smart phone world, Samsung continues to woo its users as they prepare to bring into the market the new Samsung Galaxy S4.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 was successful in its impact to millions of users across the world. Now the company is working on the next smart phone that is definitely changing so many things.

Better Resolution

As compared to its predecessor, Samsung Galaxy S4 takes the view of pictures and image to the next level by incorporating one of the best resolutions. It has a resolution of 1080 x 1920, not to mention the pixel density of 441 PPI.  The 5-inch display carries all the features previously described. The display is super AMOLED.

Performance of the gadget

The smart phone comes with some of the best processors that make it easy for you to perform various tasks at the phone without any inconvenience. These processors increase the speed at which the gadget handles various tasks and apps. The processors include a quad-core Snapdragon or the Exynos 5 Soc, which exhibits greater efficiency and speed whilst using the smart phone. With such processors, the Samsung Galaxy S4 bridges the gap left by Samsung Galaxy S3.

Cool software

One of the things that really makes an android phone stand out in terms of its performance and features is the software it has after a complete design. Software plays an essential role in enabling performance of many unique tasks in the phone. Samsung Galaxy S4 runs on android 4.2.2 with a new version of Touchwiz Nature UI. It delivers greater software features such as dual camera, smart scroll, S. Translate, Drama shot, Smart Pause and so many others.

Classic and sleek design

While many people may choose to believe that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has a design similar to the Samsung Galaxy S3, the case is different in that the new Galaxy S4 has its own unique design that makes it look one a kind on its own. Some of the unique design cues that are in Samsung Galaxy S4 include a 0.2 inch for the display, which is bigger in diagonal with an overall dimension that is quite smaller than Samsung Galaxy S3’s.

High battery capacity

The worst feeling anyone can ever experience is getting an interruption in the process of doing something important or that you enjoy because of power cut. When there is no power, electronic equipments rarely work, which is why Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a good power source. Its battery has a capacity of up to 2600 mAh. This simply means you can enjoy the services of the phone for a long period before having to charge it again and this comes in handy when you are travelling.

As the technology gets better with each new season, one of the best phones in the smart phone world currently that will work to your advantage is the Samsung Galaxy S4. The creators and designers put great efforts to ensure this smart phone is a success just like the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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  1. Now a days, Samsung Smartphones are in demand. Samsung has great Features which are very useful for people. there are so many rang available in Samsung, so i am very confused about its features, but after reading your blog i am getting clear about its features. thank you for this nice post.

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