5 WordPress Plugins to Manage Multiple Authors

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A successful blog is always a mix of various contents, themes and elements and together make the difference. It would not be wrong to state that authors are an integral part of any blog and therefore play their vital role in determining the content. There are blog owners who prefer adding multiple authors for their blog in order to get different scripts, contents and wealth of possibilities.


Thus sometimes it can ask for additional work, managing those authors and their respective works. Here are 5 WordPress Plugins to manage multiple authors. They are as follows:

WP Biographia

It is always better to name the authors and identify them as individuals. This plugin gives an option to include a biography box in which the author of that particular post can be briefed about. It has various options like including a photo, links to other posts by that author and more. Apart from these, it also makes it easier for the users to browse through the authors and their respective works thereby indirectly managing it for the blog owner. These portray a very elegant and professional manner of introducing the authors to the readers.

Editorial Calendar

This is another useful and essential plugin for WordPress to make sure the multiple authors are in sync with each other and everyone is on the same page. This gives the blogger an opportunity to plan ahead of time and organize the contents accordingly so that no one can attempt to copy or write the same thing. It also comes handy in a way that the contents complement each other instead of contradicting. Apart from these, it also makes sure that there are posts lined up to fill up schedule and there is no such deviation from the schedule.

Advanced Access Manager

Advanced Access Manager is yet another useful and vital tool to take care of multiple writers and authors and manage them really well. It gives the blogger many options to manage and authorize actions, capabilities, user roles, decide who has access to contents, posts and pages etc. It also gives the liberty to promote or demote a user as per his/her performance and need. It basically has every possibility to grant whatever controls the blogger wants to offer to the best or worst of his writers.

WP Status Notifier

It is always best to notify the writers and authors about the status of their posts and contents and this plugin does it the best. If an author has uploaded a post for approval from the editor, this plugin notifies that particular author related to the change in status of this post. Suppose if gets approved by the editor and has scheduled it, then this plugin would email this notification to the author. On the other hand, if the post gets back to draft for further revision, the author would again get an email regarding this new status change of the post.

This involves hassle free experience for the blogger and takes care of all the notifications for the various concerned authors.

Co-Authors Plus

This plugin comes in handy in managing authors and also for their unique identification. There are times when multiple authors may have to collaborate on posts. So in such cases, the blogger needs to identify the work done with the respective authors. This plugin is specially designed to take care of this need. Using this, the blog owner can add authors without creating any WordPress account and also change the order of them by simply dragging and dropping.

These 5 are one of the best Plugins to manage multiple authors for a blog and can be best known if used and experienced.

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