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In the current epoch, the need of having a website is increasing day by day. The reason is that these days, every one wants to have everything at ones ease, which is why they prefer to click online whether it is about shopping or getting information online. Besides this, websites have also become the major source of entertainment. Thus, every business entity is focusing on having a professional website and that is why the demand of professional web designers has increased dramatically in last few years.


However, if you are also associated with designing professional then being a web designer, it becomes an onus on you to get the positive feedback on your hard worked web page. For affirmative response, it is important that you have created the web page that is simple and easy to use. For that, using wireframing is the priority of every web designer.

By using wireframing tools, it becomes easy to apply your ideas on the development of the web page. You can explain the outlines and the designs easily through the wireframing tool. It starts the page designing from the very initial stages, and also it has a unique ability of detecting errors. This quality makes it the most favorite web designing tool for all the web designers across the continents.

As there are various wireframing tools available, it is good if you get to know about the important ones. Here are some of the imperative wireframing tools that every designer will love to use. The details are as follows:


Omnigraffle allows the designers to generate complex designs, flowcharts, shapes, organizational charts, simple designs, and organizational charts with great deal of ease. Omnigraffle is a an absolutely user-friendly tool. It is designed specially and entirely for Mac OS X. This tool has included powerful style tools, drag and drop, and built in stencils.


It is an amazing application based on  HTML5 and SVg. It allows the users to create quick fidelity prototypes, UI concepts, and crisp looking vectorial mock-ups. This tool has lots of common web elements like mobile and table templates, desktop, and many more which can be used while designing your own web page.  They are also available online.


It is a graphical rapid wireframing tool to create sketches-like mock up designs for the websites and the applications. It offers two versions, one for the Desktop and the other for plug-in for the Google-Drive.

This is a wonderful tool that helps you to design anything from the simple  dialogue box of the website to the rich internet application. It also allows plug-in for the JIRA, XWiki, Confluence, and FogBugz.

Axure RP

Axure RP is a professional rapid prototyping and advanced wireframing tool available for the operating systems including XP, Mac OS X, and Windows. This application includes conditional linking, resizing, drag and drop placement, show/hide elements, etc. an provide an opportunity to create a high specification with tremendous ease.


This tool is used to create and design your software and websites to offer Real-Time Design Collaboration with Team Chat along with the Reviewer and Co-Editor sharing. It converts Sitemap to Excel format, which can be used in creating Microsoft PowerPoint, High quality PNG images. Apart from this, it also offers a built-in library, which is quite .


It is another smart wireframing tool that allows you to scale, name, rename, and drag and drop besides working together with other web-based tools. It also gives the auto-saving feature. It also helps in creating the mock-up and Sitemaps in order to relate the content to offer amazing user experience to the vital users.

In nutshell, you can create some really interesting and attractive web pages for yourself and for your clients with the help of these amazing wireframing tools.

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