Multiple Blog Management: Top Tips for Success

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Starting another blog after having managed a similar one is one of the most common ways of generating revenue using the internet. You can even go ahead and create a virtual empire by having a lot of blogs. But all this comes with a lot of hard work. When you create more than one blog you need to be completely committed to the task. It is only then that you will gain more overall traffic and ensure adequate exposure on the web. Moreover you can use your blogs to promote each other too.

Managing more than one blog hence is a very tedious task. You have to constantly ensure that you are giving equal time to each and every blog and not giving any precedence to one over the other. You need to make sure all the time to see that everything is running smoothly. Read ahead to know how to manage multiple blogs effectively.

Define your limits

You should be absolutely sure if you can manage more than one blog or not. If you are unsure, don’t start another blog. Plus you also need to maintain a work-life balance. So make sure you have enough time for your blog, family, friends, leisure, work etc.

Dedicate time to each blog

The best way to do this will be to have a dairy and stick to it too. Give some time to your new blog while some to your previous ones. If one blog is generating revenue even with less maintenance then you can devote that time to the other blog.

Don’t ever abandon your old blog

There might be a lot of reasons why you are starting a new blog at the first place. Your blog might not be profitable, there is no demand of the kind of content your blog has, or maybe, you could be simply bored of your blog. But whatever the case is, never abandon your previous blog. Rather use your new blog as a platform for the previous one. If need be, rent it to someone who can work on it for a while. Who knows you could have two successfully running blogs?

Update your posts regularly

Be it any blog of yours, it is very important that you keep updating your content with new posts every now and then. Make sure that your blogs have the latest information about the subject they pertain to. This way you will invite more readers for your new blog and will not lose the traffic that you have built on your old blog as well.

Hire writers

There are many writers out there who are not tech savvy but can write extremely well. It will be good if you hire such people. They will not only be a great asset to the company but will largely help you in hiring more than one people.

Search engine optimization

This holds good for all your blogs. Use adequate tags, relevant keywords which make your blogs appear like they are the part of one family. Moreover this will also help you in increasing traffic and help people to connect with the content you have to offer.

8 thoughts on “Multiple Blog Management: Top Tips for Success

  1. This is a really keen post because a lot of the time people that start blogs don’t really have the determination to keep it up. When you constantly have fresh material that helps you with your SEO as well. Serious blogging is like another job in a way. However, it’s always a good thing when you can hire people or get some guest posts on your site because it’s beneficial for both parties involved, and saves you time.

  2. Hi Alia,
    The tips are good. But for a single person blog with no dedicated team of writers, maintaining multiple blogs can not be fruitful. Instead one should build a single powerful blog, make some money out of it. Then re-invest into other blogs. That can be strategy.


  3. amasing content you have shared here!!!
    regularly making updates is the point which i liked alot!! thanks for sharing

  4. I think that the most important thing is that you should pay much attention on each blog, not marking out any of them. Each of your blogs can belong to different niches, and of course, it will have its own audience of readers. If not following the things you mentioned, will lead to the fact that you’ll loose all readers

  5. Great tips! I love that at my job with the content company, we all share the blog writing responsibilities, which helps a lot with idea generation, fresh perspectives, etc. Thanks for the inspiration; I’ll have to use some of these tips in my personal blog. I’m not great about keeping it updated regularly!

  6. Many good advices and I can only say that you need to see blogging as a job, there are no shortcuts, there are no programs that let you get lots of traffic to your blog, etc. Only hard and determinedly worked to get to the top and you can earn money from your blogging.

  7. Hi Alia, a great post!

    I know a lot of people who run multiple blogs, and I think they get to the point where they reach critical mass and just have too many, then some don’t get updated and fall into disrepair.

    I think one problem some people have is building up multiple blogs at the same time, I think at one time you should only focus the majority of your time on a single blog, and then divide a small amount of time amongst the rest of your blogs just making sure they’re updated and being maintained, plugins updated etc.

    Once you’ve built up the blog to a certain point you’ll probably not even need content any more simply because of the amount of guest post submissions.. providing you’ve opened the blog upto it.

  8. Nice tips you got here Alia. It would be much better if you included your experience in blogging like, when you created new blogs and what happened to your old blogs. I would appreciate it if you could comment about that here. Thanks.

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