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Teens often have a bad reputation with older generations, but the internet provides a new way for teens to prove naysayers wrong. On top of school, friends, clubs and other responsibilities, some teens are finding lucrative part time jobs online.

These five teens blogs show that young adults can be just as smart, innovative and professional as their elders.

Daniel Brusilovsky: One Big Idea Provides Benefit

Daniel Brusilovsky did not let his age deter him from showing off his tech savvy skills. The teen started blogging at TechCruch and developed his own site at age 15. Brusilovsky created the Teens In Tech conference to bring like-minded youth together to share ideas and discuss technology. Brusilovsky inspires others by focusing on his niche and providing a specific service in the form of his conference.

Making A Difference is Easy with DoSomething.org

DoSomething.org is an online campaign that challenges young people to make a difference without using money or help from adults. Over five million individuals under the age of 25 have participated in causes that range from raising awareness about shelter animals to donating old prom dresses for low income girls. New campaigns are released frequently and give teens many opportunities to contribute. Teens interested in social change can use the web to promote local and national awareness for their cause. DoSomething.org succeeds because there are a range of issues, and projects attract attention but do not require much effort from any single person.

Tavi Gevinson Uses Entertainment And Art

Unique ideas always capture attention, and Tavi Gevinson uses her blog to show off her personal style. The 16 year old posts many photos of her vintage style but talks about the entire realm of fashion. Her insight and original fashion sense has led to television appearances and a website for young girls called Rookie. Gevinson and contributors use Rookie to post essays, art, advice, music and more based around a monthly theme. Gevinson has found popularity because her blog and website are filled with engaging, unusual content paired with vibrant artwork and photos.

Mike Benson Influences His Generation

Mike Benson started his blog on a small, free site but now has his own domain where several teens comment on English culture. Better Never Than Late talks about life and unknown music to provide audiences with a fresh perspective. Benson’s blog is an example of how youth can influence each other. The writers are young, but they have established themselves as experts and give peers advice about style, music, books and more.

Chloe Spencer: A Little Of Everything

Chloe Spencer started an informative, opinionated blog about the gaming website Neopets at the age of 14. This was more worthwhile than a part time job as a waitress or babysitter as the teen monetized her blog using Google AdSense. Spencer teaches other motivated teens how important it is to be diverse. She quickly branched out into other topics, is a featured writer on many websites and works with companies to expand their social media operations. The now 20 year old uses blogging, consulting and collaborating to continue her teenage successes.

Adults do not view these teens with disdain because they want partnerships with these inventive and dedicated individuals. These successful sites started with one idea, drew in visitors, showed what youth were capable of, spoke to peers and were not afraid to grow. Each site can teach other enterprising young people how to grow their passions and succeed.

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