World without Internet – Can you imagine?

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There’s no argument that the internet is the world’s greatest and most essential inventions ever. Without the internet we cannot experience the amazing world of the World Wide Web; just imagine the world without Wikipedia to share or gain knowledge, or no Facebook or twitter to socialise and hangout with all our friends.

Some of the benefits of the internet in our modern lives:

Modes of communication:

Gone are the days where there were only three modes of communication:

  • Face to face communication
  • Telephone conversion
  • Snail mail

Now, email is the most used method of communication.  The internet also provides us with VoIP (voice over internet protocol) and instant messaging.

Online banking:

The presence of a personal online banking system has made our bank transactions very fast and simple. By using online banking you can pay your bills without writing cheque, licking envelopes and buying postage stamps.

Online education

Now you can get education on the internet by taking online classes. It makes higher education easier for those people who don’t have enough time to drive to and from classes.

Use of Webinars

A webinar is a virtual class online. They allow people to simply sit at home and attend seminars and training by just sitting in the comfort of their home with tools such as GoToMeeting.


These days you don’t have to look in a book, an encyclopedia or a dictionary if you want to learn about a particular subject because the answer will be somewhere on the internet. We have fast search engines to search for anything we wish to learn about. Usually, the speed of the search depends on the broadband speed and to know that is you can go for broadband speed test.


It used to be common practice to approach the library to do research; but now the internet has changed our research methods by providing a huge amount of information; available to access in the comfort of our own homes.


If you fail to find anything in a local store, you can always find it online. E-commerce enables you to buy anything in just a few clicks without wasting money on travel.

Video conferencing

A new and exciting service available on the internet which allow to communicate different people situated in different part of the world as they are sitting in a room.

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  1. The Internet is a good thing, but when people know how to use properly with it. If a person does not know and is not aware of what are the dangers of the internet, then it is better not to go to the internet.
    Computer that is not protected by a firewall or some similar program, it can be up to 7 minutes on the Internet before they pick up something harmful.

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