Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – What to expect

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The competitive company Samsung is in news again and this time with rumors of Galaxy Note 4. After the success of Note 3, it is said that the company is likely to introduce the new generation Note 4 with better improvements. Samsung has always been a step ahead in implementing new technology in its mobile devices. Whenever the rumors of this company are out, the fight to get the first hand information about its specifications, features, and new applications began instantly.


So, what exactly we can expect from the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4, have a look.


It seems that the tech world is getting obsessed with the new curved display feature. It is speculated that the Note 4 will feature a 5.7 inch QHD curved display. This is because the curved display is considered to be more flexible than the traditional ones. Besides, it will display content at resolutions up to 2560 × 1440 pixel, enhancing your viewing experience. The wide display screen offers easy readability and also lets you enjoy watching movies and playing games with high quality and superior graphics. If the company gets successful in implementing the curved display feature in its tablets, the demand for it will be very high.


There can be some good news for the shutterbugs. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is reported to sport a 16 MP camera that will let you capture high quality and clear images wherever you go. In addition, the sensitive image sensor of the camera will ensure that you get clear images even in low light conditions. Plus, it will let you customize the pictures instantly and also allow you to share with friends and family with just few clicks. Samsung is just trying to improve its camera functions and this time the company is said to even implement the optical image stabilization feature. This means, you can capture crisp and clear images even while the subject is in motion. This will simply eliminate the need of carrying a digital camera every time.

Operating System

It is rumored that the Note 4 will be based on the latest Android 4.5/5.0 Lollipop operating system. This will certainly make multitasking a breeze as well as efficiently manage all the applications of the phone. In addition, the new version of Android ensures that you have quick access to various apps. This makes the phablet an ideal choice for professional use.

Release Date and Price

A lot is said about its release date and price. If the above mentioned specs and features turn out to be true, the phablet will be highly priced. You can expect it to be available approximately for $800. So, if you wish to grab the Note 4, it’s the right time that you start saving your pocket money. According to the Korea Times, the Note 4 will be launched at the IFA show in berlin and will be out in stores by September. Well, let us wait until the company makes an official announcement.

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  1. really a good news.after reeading this it tells that many new features are coming with galaxy note4.i am waiting for this i think it will come soon.thanks for sharing this information.

  2. HI
    I am one of samsung biggest fan…now i owned samsung note2 and its are good phone….but i am looking forward to upgrade my phone with samsung galaxy note 4

  3. Ahaha i was go through your article n when i was reading latest operating system LOLLY POP …lol what they are creating and naming new versions the name of Chocolates, ice cream etc ..though i took positive info from your article …

  4. Thanks for this article.I’m a big fan of Samsung phones.I’ve used Galaxy s4 phone. I want to see a bigger size on the note 4 like the Samsung Galaxy Mega and a HDMI port as well.
    Thanks for sharing this…

  5. Samsung has been leading the market with its notepads eversince it joined the industry. How its ongoing war with Apple over patents might hurt the brand name in the long run.

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