Why Retailers Need to Have Mobile Apps

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Business marketing has always been competitive for both huge and start up companies. Now, one of the most in demand kind of advertising is online advertising. Search engine optimization, web development, content creation, and link building are necessary things to keep up with the tough competition. Another trend has been growing in popularity in this online climate: mobile apps.


Mobile apps resonate with shoppers because they are simple to use and are readily available anytime, anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection or 3G network. Mobile commerce is among the fastest growing retail segments. If you are a retailer without a mobile app, then it’s pretty much clear to say that you are way behind your competitors.

Mobile apps are easy to implement but can greatly help customers. They come with a handful of purposes and functions so providing it for your customers is important for them to keep on choosing your brand. Mobile apps are becoming the standard for online retailers and developing one for your business can be the start of a remarkable growth. Here are five reasons why you should offer a mobile app for everyone.

Your Competition Has a Mobile App

Estimates of 83 percent of the top retailers have at least one mobile app. In some ways, this means that retailers that don’t have mobile apps are already behind.

Shoppers Are Forward Thinkers

Just look at sales figures of mobile devices—they keep increasing. This technological advancement only means one thing: you must keep up. Retailer apps can give your customers an advantage because it can make their lives much easier. Not offering this may result to a huge decline in number of customers. Having your own mobile app can bring a good impression to the general public and may help you gain more customers in the long run. It is time to follow the trend before it’s too late.

Shoppers Are On-The-Go

One of the reasons people buy mobile devices is because they want to be interactive even on-the-go. Retailer apps are important because people are becoming more and more dependent on their smartphones when they need something. Shopper like apps from their favorite stores, so don’t disappoint them.

Mobile Apps Are Easy To Make

It is now possible to create your own retail app by using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. These programs are a lot simpler than other programming languages used before. After making your own retail app, you can release it as a platform-specific native application on Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry OS, WebOS, Windows Phone 7, Symbian, and Bada. Although you practically still need to pay a developer to create the app, the investment is important and necessary to keep up with your competition.

So Many Possibilities

You just can’t run out of ideas to make your retail app interesting. A mobile app can be as simple as a product catalog and a shopping cart. You can also add some more features to spice up the shopping experience of your customers. The most successful apps are those that provide the most functionality and are pleasing to the eyes.

Having a mobile app is just another way to enhance the performance of your business, increase customer satisfaction, and generate more sales for you as a retailer.

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