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Common Mistakes to be avoided during Content Marketing

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Content Marketing is a term assigned to a process of generating high-quality content which highlights your product and increases awareness related to your site through other channels. Any business that starts up a web branding campaign and wants to be known across a large customer base needs to understand the value of content marketing thoroughly. It is content that generates high traffic from users who can turn into potential customers which increases sales and kick starts a new image for your brand.


The right approach of content marketing is to provide high value content by writing articles, blog posts, emails, reports, etc. The best part about content writing is that it is easy and hardly costly since it is to be delivered in various forms online, ready to serve the needs of the target audience. Most of the content bloggers make a lot of simple mistakes while writing the content which can cause a lot of damage instead of gain. To get your business on track and have an amazing content marketing campaign the following mistakes should be refrained from:

Lack of content promotion

High quality content has no value if it is not being seen and promoted to the target audience. It’s a very simple fundamental which states that a well written content has no value if it is not read by anyone it is targeted towards. This only hampers the growth of the business further. So most important thing after finishing a good content is to ensure its marketing and promotional activity.

In short, it is not just the task of writing good quality content but also the active promotion that launches the content into a higher valued one.

Lack of purpose and call to action

Most writers indulge into writing some excellent content in the topics they love and excel. These great content can generate a lot of readers but only a subject based content will lead to hits and no other activity like purchase of products or use of services.

This particular belief of sharing without promoting can lead to no profit whatsoever. This is why the customer reading your content should know what your product or services are providing the content a purpose and call to action. This might even help in boosting your conversion rate and overall sales.

Not sharing other’s content

By default most of content writers promote their own content since they have put a lot of efforts in it and its value is higher in their own eyes. Sharing other high-quality content puts you as a resourceful hub for content in the eye of your readers. If this sharing of other’s content is done on a regular basis chances are your content will also be shared and liked by other publishers and writers.

Spend some time reading and searching for good content that you can share using various mediums of mail, social media and blog.

No interaction with readers

If you have to win over customers and the heart of the readers reading your content you have to interact with them. You need to answer their questions, respond to their queries and engage them into discussion which may make them a frequent visitor and a faithful consumer. One way conversation may lead to disinterest and even sharing a bad image of your site in the eyes of your target audiences.

Emphasizing on Quantity more than Quality

More content means a lot many pages for the readers to search through and which means a good load of quantity is good for your site. On the contrary it is the quality of the content that rules the minds of the readers and hence you should chalk out a better content that is visually enthralling when publishing it through various different channels.

People have the tendency to share and recommend sites which have content that is worthwhile. So beware of posting lesser valued content which will not be shared or promoted by any readers and can even cause loss of traffic. So it is better that quality of articles is maintained over the quantity.

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  1. Content marketing is an important channel for promoting your website services or product. It is through this purpose that people would get awareness about your website. The above explains 3 important mistakes which should be avoided in content marketing campaign . Among the above points lack of content promotion is the one point which many ignore but is a very important tip in content marketing.

    Thank you for sharing.

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