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SEO Tactics That Won’t Work in 2013 and Beyond

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The Internet is a very dynamic place that changes constantly. Marketing experts tend to stick with SEO techniques that have given results over the years, but 2013 may be the time to start changing many of the old SEO approaches. As the Internet continues to change, your marketing techniques need to evolve as well if you want to continue to drive the traffic you need.

Vague Press Releases


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It used to be that a company could load up a press release with keywords and links and then release it on as many Internet media outlets as possible. In 2013, the focus will shift to content that has value, and that means that all of your press releases will need to be newsworthy. If you are not offering new and important information for the reader, then do not expect your press release to get picked up by any media website.

Too Much Anchor Text

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Anchor text is used to let people know where a link was pointing. For example, if you wanted to include a link to indoor waterfalls, then you would attach the link to the text “indoor waterfalls”. Google used to consider this kind if linking to be natural because it offered value to the user. But there have been a lot of companies that will use the same anchor text over and over in multiple articles which makes the links look paid for and unnatural in the text. In 2013, you will need to be more creative with your anchor text and links.

Relying Only On Google


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Most content providers work to create content that follows the SEO rules set forth by Google. But what would happen if Google suddenly shut down its search engine? While that seems a bit unlikely, the truth is that other search engines are gaining in popularity. Everyone knows what Microsoft can accomplish when it sets a goal and that explains why Bing is becoming so popular. As you start creating SEO content in 2013, become aware of the other search engines and try to appease more than just Google.

Automated Article Submissions


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The Internet is moving quickly towards the idea of a more personalized experience. In 2013, a company is going to have to actually work its social media pages if it wants to develop meaningful connections. The days of automating a social media page or using an automated system to submit articles to a wide variety of websites are over. Companies will now have to be accountable for all of their content and they are going to have to actually sit at their laptops and develop meaningful relationships with people through social networking. The days of the impersonal Internet are over.

Just because a marketing tactic worked for the past few years does not mean that it is something that you should continue to pursue. The Internet has been constantly changing and those changes are creating a more intimate experience for all users. In 2013, SEO marketing experts are going to have to change their methods if they want to expand their audience and grow their web traffic.





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