Windows 8 Integrated With Xbox Live

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Among the new features of Windows 8, was the integration of Windows 8 Xbox Live with the platform, which is the platform for online entertainment console from Microsoft, Xbox 360.

Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox Live is a feature built into Windows 8. This Xbox Live will be built into the user’s PC. Users who have Windows Phone, also have access to the platform.

According to Major Nelson, a spokesman for the Microsoft, you can organize your Windows Live “games, music, movies and TV shows”

According to Microsoft’s strategy of current content, the service will be used to promote all kinds of services, including games, music, movies and TV shows.

Of course, as is the case, the information available varies according to region. And you can not play Xbox 360 games on your PC. What a pity!

7 thoughts on “Windows 8 Integrated With Xbox Live

  1. Very intelligent step taken by Microsoft, they’re going to work it more for promotion.

  2. Gamers will surely love this update. SO I DO. <3

  3. Microsoft is one of the companies to look up when it comes to hottest, coolest and latest software application technology. I’m excited to know when Windows 8 gonna be launch to the market, some news says it’s coming this 2012. I bet this is good for business use.

    1. Yes, Windows 8 is schedule to launch in 2012. Before, till then you can use developer preview version of windows 8!!

  4. This is awesome! Windows 8 seems to have so much more!

  5. I will love when this comes out. My xbox now has RROD but I will buy a new one because I miss playing xbox 360. Microsoft pwns!

  6. This makes it much easier to organize everything when you can do it from your computer. I think it is a much needed improvement for the Xbox 360.

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