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Useful Photoshop Tricks & Tips For Creative Designers

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Developed and published by Adobe Systems, Photoshop is a popular image-editing software which supports a default file extension as .PSD, which mainly stands for “Photoshop Document.” This graphics editing program comes very handy for creating unique artworks. It brings to a designer everything required to transform an idea into a beautiful creation.


With this awesome image editing tool, any designer can create as well as edit photos by using its full range of killer  multiple image-editing functions serve the purpose of drawing, painting, retouching and more. Some of its popular and commonly used features are  Freeform pen tools, hand tool, eye dropper, Zoom, path selection, cropping, slicing, marquee, lasso, magic wand, to a name few come very handy in strengthening a designer’s capability.

Believe it or not, many designers apply different photoshop tips and tricks to leverage the awesomeness of  one of the most advanced tools in the design industry and further, boost their productivity. In this post, I have discussed some really cool photoshop tips and photoshop tutorial that will surely help you to improve your designing skills.

  • Most of the web designers are very addictive to press Ctrl + Z in Photoshop to undo something. However, using this command again results in redo of the previous action, which is very troublesome experience. The trick to avoid this problem is Alt + Ctrl + Z for multiple undo.
  • Using the Magic Extractor to change background in Photoshop is a smart trick. Photoshop’s Magic Extractor brings you an advantage of Foreground Brush, Background Brush, Point Eraser Tool, Feather Selection Tool, Remove From Selection Tool and more.
  • It’s a super cool idea to use “Background Eraser Tool” for removing background colors from your main picture.
  • In case, you want the exact colors for your design then launch a color picker. It will help you to  pick the color and get its hex number. Simply put your hex number in the color palette in Photoshop. Don’t you think it is a long process? So, the trick to avoid this problem is click on Eyedropper tool (or pressing I)  to get the color you want.
  • Most of the designers use grids and rulers in Photoshop when it comes to designing a pixel-perfect designs. Designers have to on View, New Guide then chooses from horizontal or vertical guides. The trick is to press Ctrl + R to activate the Ruler tool and then, drag it down to create a vertical/horizontal guide.
  • Use Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+Alt+T to create amazing kaleidoscopic patterns. This keyboard shortcut will let you create a duplicate layer and repeat a transformation again.
  • Here is an important trick to customize Font’s Tracking – no matter you want it to increase and decrease. Simply select the text by using the Type tool which can be activated by pressing the T key. Now, hold on the “ALT” key and then, press < button. In this way, you can decrease the type’s tracking easily.

The Conclusion

Use the aforementioned Killer, time-saving photoshop tutorial, Tricks & Techniques to create amazing artworks. Hope you find these Photoshop information worthy.

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  1. Hello Mark, pretty good article :-), your tips are very helpful during Photoshop work, and yes I am also one of them who are addictive to press CLT + Z :-p but trying to overcome this. thanks for sharing

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