Social Media and Blogging Sites Influence Consumer Purchasing Decisions

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The new revolution in customer purchasing behavior is now focused on social media. In the last few years, online marketing strategies have focused their attention on the way individuals buy services and products over the Internet. Popular social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WordPress and blogs have grown exponentially in just the last few years.

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Between 2010 and 2011, the members of Facebook had doubled in size. Studies indicate that online consumers typically follow their favorite retailers through Twitter and Facebook, or they go directly to the retailer’s blogging site.

Online shoppers often utilize available services and make purchases through social media sites. Nearly one in every three shoppers will make a purchase as a result of visiting Twitter or Facebook. Other sites including Living Social and Groupon have seen higher numbers of purchases made on non-traditional items.

Inside the Consumer’s Mind

Any company attempting to get ahead of the curve must alter their online marketing strategies by including social media sites, blogging sites, and making full use of SEO (search engine optimization). Online media sites have literally altered strategies that marketing companies use to gain attention from consumers. This often results in understanding the demographics of a targeted audience and how to best brand the product or services the company is attempting to provide. Many consumers follow brands and interact directly with the company using Twitter.

A New Buying Behavior

In the past, marketing strategies were a one-way street, where the business pushed their advertising to the consumer. Today however it is imperative that companies use their social media presence as a way to listen to existing and potential customers to determine exactly what the consumer is saying. The results they obtain will likely indicate that listening to the customer, and engaging directly through interaction, will have a direct impact on their consumer’s buying decisions.

A Continual Supply of New Content

Nothing can kill a business quicker than yesterday’s news. It is important to continually supply new content to social media sites and blogging sites. This might include freebies from the company, the introduction of new items, or newly improved products. Marketing campaign should be fully utilized and continually updated.

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