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The Influence of “+1” on SEO

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Sure you’re all for fair play and a level playing field, but wouldn’t it be great to legitimately come first among equals? In the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) domain this is certainly possible especially if you’re an entrepreneur or anyone active on the online community. And – you guessed it – Google is part of the trick solution.

The search engine colossus’ “+1” feature is a smart tool that dramatically increases your online visibility and puts you at the forefront of search results.

Here’s the full story on +1’s impact on SEO and how you can harness it to enhance your SEO campaign:

Better Search Rankings:

Users can +1 any online content – usually in the form of links – that seems favorable or attractive to them. The more a link is +1’d the higher the chance of it being exchanged by people online and consequently better the chances of it being figured prominently in search rankings.

Research has manifested that +1-tagged material significantly increases the ranking of specific keywords (up to 25%) and also raises the locatable visibility of web pages housing the keywords (up to 20%). These dynamics can be used to improve your SEO campaign.

More Reliable Search Results:

When users increasingly initiate and adopt +1, the possibility of the tagged material being shared between and within online communities significantly increases. Not only does this indubitably translate into healthier search ratings but this heightened activity also lends more weight to the search results. This is because – as Google themselves reason – +1-tagged material exchanged between associates is imbued with more intimacy and genuineness. The SEO campaign, as a consequence, is markedly influenced.

Social Networking Stimulus:

The salutary effect of social media – especially Facebook and Twitter – on SEO and search rankings is well-known and almost gospel. Recent experiments have shown that social media sharing and correspondence can actually be fueled by heightened +1 activity thanks to increments in Click-Through-Rate (CTR). Ultimately this considerably boosts the SEO function.

Excellent Off-Page Solution:

+1 is a boon for entities seeking to further their SEO campaign through off-site means. Due to the relatively easy procedure of assigning +1 codes to web sites and web pages, you can profit from +1’s external link building proficiency and build a sturdier SEO function.

Enhanced Google Functioning:

Clicking on+1-tagged web pages intuitively activates Google’s bot indexing software leading to automated re-crawling and thus better search ratings. This constructive impact on Google’s search capability generates superior SEO.

Recommended +1 strategies for enhanced SEO

  •  It is advised to assign +1 codes to all your web site pages.
  •  It is also advised to advertise your offerings and get visitors to +1 your content. This will result in improved conspicuousness.
  •  Attempt to score enviable paid-search ratings – this will give a boost to +1 indexing.
  •  Google Plus and all its attendant facilities should be utilized.
  • Google keeps a strict vigil on irregular practices. Thus it is suggested to avoid bartering +1 tags to escape censure.


The +1 concept is still in a nascent stage. Yet – given Google’s development and tremendous usage in the search engine sphere – “adding” +1 to your SEO arsenal will be a smart move.

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  1. Well, I do understand that “+1” is very important for SEO, and for business promotion, but still I can’t say that this social media is very popular among users, and I wonder the reasons of such tendency.

  2. Since I put G+ button on my site and it was sydicated by my readers yeah It really help gain traffic and improve my keywords in search ranking

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