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If a blogger writes a post and nobody comments on it, does it make an impact? While the blogging community has always been quick to say the number of comments is the most important metric, comments are a sign of community engagement.  The more comments you have, the better. So why isn’t your site getting as many comments as you’d like?


Maybe you’re not taking advantage of the little actions that can get your readers typing out their thoughts into your comment boxes.

Answer the Comments You Do Have

Comments come to those who comment. You can’t expect your readers to take the time to drop you a note if you’re not willing to respond to them. If you’re still in the beginning stages of blogging, you have time to answer every single comment. As you grow, you may find you don’t have the time to respond to them all. Instead, browse the comments on each post and respond to the ones you find interesting. Knowing you’re actually reading what they write encourages readers to comment even more.

Open Your Comments

Depending on the blogging platform you’re using, the default settings may close your comments to anyone who doesn’t already have a profile with the site. Blogger is an example of a default closed commenting system. But if you really want more comments on your website, it’s better if you give readers more commenting options. If you’re brave enough, try allowing anonymous comments.

Ask a Question

Are you asking for comments in your blog posts? Sometimes writing a post that wraps everything up can actually deter comments. Sometimes you’ve said it so well, it seems like there’s nothing left to say. Spark conversation by ending your post with a question. You give your readers something to write about in the comments section. Make sure the question is relevant and open ended to get the best responses.

Customize the Comment Prompt

No matter what blogging platform you’re using, there’s a prompt right above the comment box urging readers to state their opinions. It’s usually a very generic piece of copy that appears on every blog using the same platform. Consider writing a customized comment prompt that will resonate with your audience. Make it in the same style as your blog’s voice to connect with your readers.

Run a Comment Contest

Have you got a promotional product that ties into your blog’s subject? Give it away to your readers and help drum up some comments in the process with a comment contest. Write a blog post describing the product and its benefits. Then ask for a specific type of comment in response, explaining that you’ll choose the best comment as the winner. For example, you could ask readers to comment with why they need the product or what they plan to do with it.

Let Your Readers Promote Themselves

Bloggers often comment on other blogs because they want to promote their own sites, posts, and products. The easier you make it for them to do so, the more comments you’ll get. Try using plugins that give commentators prominent links back to their own blogs. A great example is Comment Luv, which shows the last post from the link provided in the comment . You can also use widgets to show and link back to the readers who comment the most or who have commented last.

3 thoughts on “Tips to Get More Comments on Your Site

  1. I think it depends on your shared content or post. If it is helpful for common reader and easy to understand then there is no reason that anyone doesn’t like to give comments on your post. Therefore your shared content should be impressive, attractive and if it has headings then it is also a plus point.

    1. Jessica,
      You are right, but I have seen many posts that are not helpful or easy to understand that get lots of comments as well!

  2. For a new blogger, its tough to get comments at first. I love your point – Ask a Question. I’ll try to apply in my site

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