Resize Partition Windows 7 with EaseUs Free partition Manager

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Microsoft is having Windows 7 as the operating system of Windows. In case if you have decided to migrate for system of dual boot to Windows 7 or looking forward for installation of Window 7, you need to rendezvous with free partition manager so that you can have a better control over the administration part.


New partition creation or extending the partition of full system for proper functioning of Windows 7 with EaseUs free partition manager. The reason why this software exists is the lagging of in built disk management in resize partition windows 7

Need of EaseUs free partition manager

In built disk management tool of Window 7 comes with similar restriction that is being followed by Window Server 2008 or Windows Vista so the requirement of this software for Windows 7(32 and 64 bit) becomes essential. EaseUs Partition Manager could be describe as synoptic software for system optimization and hard disk partition controller supporting administration of Windows 7(32 and 64 bit)

Steps to follow for resizing partition under the invigilance of Window 7:

First and foremost for all those EaseUs users who are scare to utilize any of the software under this brand due to the features they provided and is often thought to be complicated is they are too convenient to manage. EaseUs Partition Master is compatible with Windows 7 and 8 and with it you can easily recover lost partition, delete , merge, format, split, copy create, extend the partition of system etc with ease.

  • First of all you need to download this app and finish the installation process. Launch the software mentioned above. Unallocated process is always lacking for extending the system partition, so initially decrease the partition to get hold of unallocated space.
  • By choosing the partition E, you can also do it but for it you need to know how to resize or move the partition so that unallocated space could be allocated there.
  • Choose the C drive and after knowing how to extend c drive in windows 7, you can easily allocate the unallocated partition by resizing or moving.
  • Put this action into use

There are other ways too for using this software

Of partition software you can also build a bootable CD and few of the software of partition like EaseUs Master Professional Edition along with its updated version will develop WinPE bootable disk so that the beneficiary could utilize advanced partition management performance before the commencement of Windows 7.

What are the additional benefits of this software?

For upgrading and creating a backup of disk Copy Disk and partition wizard is there and Partition recovery Wizard is there to gain all the lost or deleted partitions in this software apart from the above mentioned features. In fact dual boot of Windows 8 and 7 could also be done with EaseUs Partition Master Free software.

Final verdict

The edition of this software comes under single license but your system could enjoy both if the features support for same.

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