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Tips To Optimize Pages For Conversions

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Pages conversions are crucial for online business and simply determines whether you will win money or not. A home page will convert poorly optimized not nothing but a highly optimized page means more conversions and more money you earn online.

The homepage is actually a page on your site where you will direct your visitors and convince them to take a specific action such as subscribing to our newsletter, download a trial version of their product and so on.

Below are some tips to have a conversion champion!

Keep it short, simple and to the point

It is difficult to get a visitor to your site, and if the visitor has found what he’s looking in the first few seconds, he will probably leave your site. Featured as the only important information. For example, just tell them the benefits of completing the action that page instead of telling other stories and testimonials from others.

Black text on white background

Always try to use dark text on a universal layout, white background, it is more enjoyable to read. Some sites use the dark background and gray text that makes the visitor’s eyes strain a lot and obviously he will get tired and leave your page.

Action buttons

Forget the beautiful designs of buttons. The action button should always attract attention. Make sure you have the action buttons at the top, bottom, middle and wherever your visitor could possibly pass for a while. At the same time, do not overload them and keep a certain balance with the text.

Avoid distractions and outbound links

Usually people surf the Web through links and if your landing page have one, they are more likely to leave without taking any action. Simply avoid all other distractions and also link to the visitor. Leave it that the only way to stop the page from completing the goal (or purchase subscription) or having to write in the bar address it.

Not require a lot of information

If your landing page is designed to get people to subscribe to the newsletter or request a trial version of your product, avoid forcing them to fill out lengthy forms. Just e-mail address and name probably should be more than enough. The more fields you ask them to fill, the more chances of them get bored and do not complete the action.

Do not forget to thank you pages

Pages of appreciation are as important as your homepage. It’s where the visitor arrives after the objective of the home is completed. Just because the objective was completed, it does not mean that the visitor can leave your page. You could even try to monetize more with additional goals, related products and so on. Since one person performs the action on your landing page is more likely to act with you again. Use this advantage to  favor.

Test, Test and Test!

Finally, three important things: test, test and test. Here are several pages to see which one works better and change minor adjustments to better conversions. Sometimes a small change can result in a drastic change in conversions. You can test by sending half of the visitors to a page A and a half to page B, to see which one converts better.

15 thoughts on “Tips To Optimize Pages For Conversions

  1. cool tips Isha, thanks.

  2. Great tips Isha!
    I actually started promoting a product on my site for the first time today!
    I’ll make sure to follow your tips to get a high conversion rate!

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Nice tips Isha…Thanks for sharing them 🙂

  4. Thanks Isha…theses are some great tips…Specially the one that talk about the ease of spotting and reading the text..I’ve seen it myself..Web pages with a lot of dark color in the back suffer from low traffic…visitors want effortless and easy to read articles…
    I ll make sure i follow the others…they seem very helpful..

    1. yes, web pages with dark color need more effort to increase traffic. so, it’s better to have a light and clean design. Thanks for your comment.

  5. Page designs are very Important element we need to concentrate it, As you said home page layout is very important and powerful which convert visitors to regular readers and all shorts related with conversion.
    Well researched topic…

  6. Thanks for sharing these tips… All are important. Need more conversion for subscribers of my blog.

  7. Avoiding distraction is the best way to optimize your page properly.

  8. inspiring information! I am looking forward to reading more from you!

  9. Good tips, Isha.
    However, I don’t have any products to create the landing pages.

  10. Hello,

    Excellent article and very useful tips for optimizing pages for conversions. I always respect the rule with ‘no outbound links’, the rule is very useful and true, the less outbound links you have, the more link juice will remain on your domain. Also, the page design and Google AdSense or any advertisement, the placement of the advertisement is very important, the best would be if you can positionate your advertisement somewhere where you can integrate it perfectly in the design of the website but making the advertisement getting noticed, not being transparent – that wouldn’t help at all. Also, the webdesign is important, the design of the website are very important too. Also, you need to make the color of the advertisement similar to the background where the advertisement will be putted.

    Thank you very much for sharing this!

    Best regards,


  11. well isha i think the points given by will definitely help to create a good and attractive page..
    thanks for sharing….

  12. Yes, the website is the biggest liability, most of the time. When you have some traffic but no leads or sales whatsoever, you can bet there’s something wrong with the website, oftentimes along the lines of the issues mentioned in the post.
    When you don’t know what to do, start educating yourself and testing, or save time and frustration and go ask for professional advice.

  13. Great tips Isha. Particularly, the outbound links point is noteworthy. Outbound links can take the visitors away from our sales page, ruining our business.

  14. For conversion I would say that different products and services convert differently, it also depends on the quality of your site too, it also depends on where visitors are coming from, if visitors are coming from search engine with the targeted keywords then they are targeted visitors to your site.

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