Cloud Computing: Is Your Content Safe?

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Sure, everyone wants data security and backup if computers crash and archived media is destroyed, but is data security worth the risk of storing data on a remote server via cloud computing? Many say yes. Even Fortune 500 companies have jumped on board, but some are still reticent to trust mission-critical applications to the cloud, for fear of security breach.

Despite guarantees and 256-bit SSL encryption technology, some companies are still not convinced that the cloud is the way to go. We disagree. Here’s why:

Costs and Benefits of Cloud Data Backup

The cost of cloud of computing is certainly more affordable than traditional approaches to data backup. Businesses traditionally backed up data by using tapes to record snapshots at periodic intervals. These data tapes had to be stored off-site to protect the data. Companies required advanced server technology to conduct the data backups. This server technology cost the companies a significant amount for upgrades and maintenance, keeping traditional solutions from being cost-effective for small businesses with limited capital.

Cloud computing reduces costs significantly by transferring the cost of servers and maintenance personnel to the cloud hosting company. Companies now only pay a monthly fee for customized data backup services, with the result that the benefits of cloud computing surpass the cost of the service. If disaster strikes, companies are prepared to have data restored within minutes or a few hours, depending on the hosting provider.

Best Cloud Data Backup Services

3Tera – This company has a several cloud storage solutions that are effective and affordable. The company can offer secure cloud storage that is easily scalable.

The RackSpace – RackSpace offers scalable, reliable solutions that can handle traffic spikes, without any server management on behalf of the client. Customer service is also exceptional, with fast response and resolution time.

Go Grid – Go Grid offers its customer the option of dedicated servers or virtual servers. The company has 24 hour, everyday support, and their infrastructure can easily be deployed in multiple data centers. Pay-As-You-Go can help clients with limited capital afford the service.

Least Expensive Cloud Backup Services– iCloud is a free service that provides three gigabytes of storage space to people who sign up. Photographs, music, movies, media player and application development are all accessible through iCloud.

Free Amazon Web Services – Companies can operate the basic version of free Amazon EC2 for a year. Amazon is one of the top ten cloud computing services of 2011.

Cloudo – This free service offers secure and centralized back-up for any person who would like to join.

Most Reliable Cloud Backup Services

When evaluated based upon the API Integration Test, Unit Testing Test, Performance Results, Stability Test and Scalability Testing, these companies emerged as the most reliable cloud backup services available: Amazon S3, AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service, Microsoft Azure, Nirvanix, Peer1 Hosting, and Rackspace Cloud. These services were able to pass the necessary reliability tests and are recommended by experts.

Is Cloud Computing Safe?

In general, yes—any computer system can be hacked, including servers, but hosting services and 24-hour monitoring help companies identify malware data hosted on the servers can be accessed or corrupted. Companies should consider cloud computing as a reliable, secure, and financially viable solution for data storage.

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  1. I still haven’t completely warmed up to the idea that my data is flying around somewhere in dataspace. I know it’s totally safe and all, but I still am a bit concerned. I guess I’m just behind the times and it’ll go away eventually. 🙂

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